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Kidney Failure Treatment in Karma Ayurveda Hospital, Reviews.

As researchers say, Ayurveda is the most natural way to cure a disease, with the use of herbal and naturally grown substances around the world. Ayurveda is one of the oldest methods, being followed by millions and billions over the years. Ayurveda is known to bring the balance back in life, and carrying forward the tradition of natural cures in the world of medicine is a premier Ayurvedic pharmaceutical company, Karma Ayurveda.

Stop Kidney Dialysis / Transplant – Go for Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment

Karma Ayurveda, is bringing out a change in the kidney failure treatment. This is a result of 5 generation of hard work and research carried on by the family of Dr. Puneet Dhawan. It was established in 1937 and is still flourishing with each passing day, marking its achievements in the field of kidney failure and recovery from almost 8 decades. A healthy kidney is important for body, blood and bones as it filters the blood of unwanted wastes and makes hormones that helps in keeping the bones strong. To avoid such situation Kidney failure treatment in ayurveda brings forward the best option to treat this naturally and recover from it to a stage where there won’t be a need to get dialysis done as well. “Karma Ayurveda reviews”.

Our Kidney Treatment Reports / Results, “Karma Ayurveda reviews”.

What makes Karma Ayurveda reviews different from that of others providing Ayurvedic Kidney treatment is that Karma Ayurveda, rather than just providing an artificial treatment, makes a way for recovery of the damaged kidney cell. Here, at Karma Ayurveda, slowly but eventually, the patient’s need for dialysis decreases as s/he can mark noticeable changes in their GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) proceeding to better health conditions. A few reports of before and after can be seen here

This might even mean a complete recovery of the damaged kidney cells and revived. Kidney treatment in ayurveda means the cells to be able to filter the wastes that built up in the blood and leave no protein to pass out through urine. “Karma Ayurveda reviews”.

The GFR demonstrates the health condition of the kidney.

GFR Stage Description / “Karma Ayurveda reviews”.

  • 90 – 130 and no protein in urine mean the kidneys are working properly. At least 90 and there is protein in urine depicts Slight diminishing in kidney work and is considered as stage 1.
  • 60 – 89 GFR is a sign of mild abatement in kidney work is stage 2.
  • 30 – 59 is the moderate abatement in kidney work known as Stage 3.
  • 15 – 29 is stage 4, where there is a severe reduction in kidney work.
  • Under 15 is the last stage, where one may require dialysis soon.
  • “Karma Ayurveda reviews”.


Kidney failure can be diagnosed using different test and evaluating the effect of disease on the kidney function and other body parts too. So as to start the treatment without any delay, finding out the exact cause of kidney failure and its connecting issues is important. Karma Ayurveda reviews. Types of test that should be done and connecting health conditions are: “Karma Ayurveda reviews”.


Kidney damage can cause protein to leak into the urine. This protein is called “albumin”. A 24-hour urine test is recommended.


High blood pressure can affect kidney functions to a great extent and vice versa. “Karma Ayurveda reviews”.


High sugar level can have major side effects on the kidney, and it can lead to the worst situation if the sugar level remains constantly high or if the patient is suffering from diabetes.


Testing a piece of kidney tissues to establish how much damage has already been done to the kidney.


It consists of MRI’S, ULTRASOUNDS, SCANS AND CT Scan etc. “Karma Ayurveda reviews”.


  • Chronic Renal Failure more often than not ascend in serum creatinine levels.
  • Acute Renal Failure sudden loss of renal capacity.
  • Proteinuria-loss of protein.
  • Kidney stones.
  • Chronic intermittent urinary tract diseases.
  • Hypertension that neglected to react to different hypertensive prescriptions.
  • Diseases of prostate, bladder, malignancy, obstruction of the urinary tract. Karma Ayurveda reviews.


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