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10 Signs & Symptoms You May Have Kidney Disease, Ayurvedic Treatment – Dr. Puneet Dhawan, Delhi, India.

10 Kidney Disease Signs & Symptoms, Ayurved Treatment in India, Delhi:

Fact: Most of the people who live with kidney disease have no idea about it.

The physical signs of kidney disease are hard to discover in the early stages, and patients cannot notice them right away.  Also, there are a number of patients who notice subtle signs of kidney disease, but often they confuse it with other problems. 10 Kidney Disease Signs & Symptoms, Ayurvedic Treatment, Delhi, India“.

When the kidney’s function goes on decreasing, a large amount of protein skips from the filters along with the pee. Losing protein is awful, and you may suffer a lot of complications because of this. Protein in the urine is one of the reasons why the cases of chronic kidney disease are apparent.

The only way to be sure if you have kidney disease or not is to get it tested. If you are at the risk of kidney disease because of high blood pressure, diabetes, and your lifestyle habits or you are elderly, then you should be active in annual screening for kidney disease.

The 10 possible signs and symptoms of kidney disease include:

  1. You are more tired and have less energy: Impaired kidney function results in the waste and toxins buildup in the bloodstream. The low oxygen level in the blood can make it hard for people to feel energetic. Another reason why this happens is that kidney patients have anemia, which makes them weak and fatigue.


  1. You are dry and patchy skin: Healthy kidneys maintain the right balance of all the minerals, fluids, and electrolytes. Dry skin is the result of phosphorus buildup in the blood resulting in bone and mineral disease. It occurs in the last stages of chronic kidney disease when the kidneys cannot maintain the right balance of minerals. “10 Kidney Disease Signs & Symptoms, Ayurvedic Treatment, Delhi, India”.


  1. You have trouble sleeping: The fluid and waste buildup in the blood because of faulty kidney function can result in a sleepless night. A kidney patient is more sleep deprive and prone to sleep apnea, compared to the other people.


  1. Urinating more often than usual: if you are urinating unusually, especially at night, this can be a sign of kidney disease. The damaged filters may pull out too much urine. However, some patients urinate less than usual because their kidneys cannot produce urine at that time. It can also be a sign of some urinary tract infection or an enlarged prostate.


  1. Blood in the urine: When the kidney’s filters are not working well, blood and the protein may skip from the filters, which is why patients notice red and dark-colored urine at the time of kidney disease. If not prevented on time, the blood in the urine can turn out life-threatening and cause kidney stones or infection or even cancers. “10 Kidney Disease Signs & Symptoms, Ayurvedic Treatment, Delhi, India”.


  1. Urine is foamy: The urine of the patients with kidney disease appears foamy. The frothiness is intense, and the urine looks like a scrambled egg, which seems absurd. A person has to flush down several times before the foaminess goes away. It is nothing else but the protein in the urine.


  1. Swelling around the eyes and the face: Fluid retention, which is another complication of kidney disease can cause swelling to appear around the eyes and the face, and also in the lower body parts. This happens because of fluid that gets deposited in the cells and makes a person appear fluffy. “10 Kidney Disease Signs & Symptoms, Ayurvedic Treatment, Delhi, India”.


  1. Poor appetite: Those with kidney disease may not eat up to their full appetite. The waste build- up in the blood vessels, makes the tummy bloat and reduces the hunger capacity of the patients. Resultant, the patients are not able to meet their nourishment requirements and thus suffer more.


  1. Muscles cramp: Impaired kidney function can lead to muscle cramping because the kidneys cannot keep the electrolytes balances and sometimes lead to phosphorus and calcium build up also, which can contribute to muscle cramping. “10 Kidney Disease Signs & Symptoms, Ayurvedic Treatment, Delhi, India”.


10. Pressure when urinating: The kidneys make urine, and in the event of low kidney function, you may have to pressurize yourself because of difficulty in urinating.

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