Alternate Option For Kidney Dialysis
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Kidney disease

The kidneys are used to clear waste from the body and flush it out. Kidneys can get affected easily if they develop stones or if there is a discrepancy of blood pressure. According to National Kidney Foundation, almost every second person in their middle and old age are suffering from one or the other kidney problem. Usually, when the kidneys get damaged, the toxic waste starts accumulating inside the body and it can hamper kidneys as well as the other organs. It is important to go for an immediate treatment to stop any further advancement of the disease. Alternate Option For Kidney Dialysis

Causes of kidney failure

Chronic renal failure develops over months and years. The most common causes of chronic renal failure are related to

  • poorly controlled diabetes
  • poorly controlled high blood pressure
  • Chronic glomerulonephritis
  • Some less common causes of renal failure include polycystic kidney disease, Reflux nephropathy, glomerulonephritis and lupus
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Alport’s disease
  • Interstitial nephritis
  • Kidney stones
  • Prostate disease

Alternate Option For Kidney Dialysis

Common signs

There are certain signs that one experiences in the later stages of kidney diseases such as swelling in body due to fluid retention, muscle cramps, and joint pain, change in the color of urine due to high protein or urea in the urine, frequent urge to urinate, foamy and frothy urine, loss of appetite, abnormal weight loss or weight gain, nausea and vomiting, weakness and headaches. “Alternate Option For Kidney Dialysis”

Kidney diet

A healthy diet is an important part of treating impaired kidneys. It is important to consult with a dietician may be helpful to understand what foods may or may not be appropriate. The food items should contain low protein and sodium in their diet. Fresh vegetables and fruits rich in fiber and Vitamin C should be included in the diet. Alcohol, aerated drinks, and coffee should not be included in the diet. Alternate Option For Kidney Dialysis

Ayurvedic treatment

There are many natural remedies and herbs to reduce and reverse kidney disease. Anything that contributes a good amount of potassium or calcium is very helpful to the kidneys as well. Keeping sodium intake low and potassium high is the key. “Alternate Option For Kidney Dialysis”.

Ayurveda is used since ancient times for curing all kind of physical diseases. The Ayurvedic medicines contain many unrefined herbs that are crucial in decreasing the symptoms and reviving the kidneys. The commonly used herbs are Astragalus, Horsetail, Licorice Root, Parsley root, Uva Ursi, Barberry, Java tea leaf, and many other herbs too. A healthy diet with Ayurvedic medicines can help in rejuvenating your kidneys. “Alternate Option For Kidney Dialysis”.

Karma Ayurveda is one of the best ancient remedies for curing all kinds of physical ailments. They use completely natural and herbal techniques in their treatment. They have treated thousands of kidney patients from all over the world with their Ayurvedic medicines. “Alternate Option For Kidney Dialysis”.