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Why Ayurveda is boon to kidney patients?

Ayurveda is boon to kidney patients

What are kidney disorders?  

In this highly competitive era, a large chunk of people forgets to pay essential attention to their health and eat junk foods in lack of time. Besides, an untimely sleeping habit, not exercising and many such kinds of bad habits are responsible for poor health. And when your body doesn’t get necessary nutrients, several body organs can become weak and may lose their functionality; kidneys are one of them.

Kidneys may get impaired due to unhealthy lifestyle and may lose their functioning ability. Ayurvedic treatment can be the best solution in order to get rid of all kinds of kidney disorders without any hazards. So, if we say that Ayurveda is a boon to kidney patients, it won’t be wrong in any manner. In this post further, you will get to know, why Ayurveda is boon to kidney patients.

Most of us are aware that kidneys are one of the most vital organs found in the human body. For a healthy body, kidneys play a pivotal role and perform many necessary functions. Some of the major functions of the kidneys are listed below:

  • Blood filtration
  • Filtering out toxins and impurities from the blood
  • Maintaining the entire body’s fluid level
  • Producing hormones that help in making red blood cells and ensure good health of the bones
  • Controlling blood pressure

These are the most important functions that are very necessary for keeping the body healthy. When kidneys become impaired, they may lose their ability to functioning. As a result, some health complications may arise in your body.

What is Ayurveda?       

Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal treatment originated from India. It is a Sanskrit word that means ‘knowledge of long life’. This treatment system believes that the body and mind have very strong interconnection. And mind encompasses the power to heal the body. Apart from, Ayurveda holds the entire knowledge of curing all sorts of health disorders by finding out the exact cause of the disorder. Ayurvedic treatment is a combination of herbal medications, proper diet and rectifying the lifestyle including eating habit and lack of exercises. Ayurvedic medications are nothing but the composition of natural herbs in their unrefined form.

Unlike other treatment methods, Ayurveda doesn’t utilize any kind of surgical procedure for the treatment of a health disorder. By utilizing natural herbs and conventional treatment procedures, Ayurvedic treatment doesn’t put any adverse effect on your health. In kidney disorders, Ayurveda applies the same principle and aims to cure the kidney disorders permanently by not only eliminating the complications but also rejuvenating the health of the kidneys.

By analyzing the entire health condition of a kidney patient, Ayurveda starts the treatment procedure including herbal medications, kidney-friendly diet, and some yogic exercises as well. This treatment combination has helped several kidney patients to get relieved from all kinds of kidney disorders. Being a natural treatment procedure, this treatment method doesn’t leave any kind of after use effects on your health. Unlike allopathy, Ayurveda doesn’t make use of treatment procedures like dialysis or organ transplant so the chances of hazards in this method are nil and it assures you of permanent treatment.

Whereas, Allopathy is a modern treatment procedure that utilizes medications, treatment procedures, and surgeries in order to cure a health disorder. But, there is a huge drawback of allopathy that it works on the complications of disease not on the root causes so it’s not a permanent treatment. And a patient on Allopathic medications may also notice the symptoms back even after completing the treatment process. That’s why Allopathy can’t be considered as the best treatment procedure. In the kidney disorders, it uses drug/chemical-based medications which contain a high amount of chemicals and hence very dangerous for the body. Apart from, it also makes use of artificial treatment procedure like dialysis and surgery in order to cure this condition but they all have serious health side-effects.

Based on above-mentioned facts, you can understand why Ayurveda is boon to kidney patients.

Before going for Ayurvedic treatment, you will have to take some tests that can help your physician to detect if you are affected with any sort of kidney disorders. Some of the tests that are useful in detecting kidney disorders are described below:

Blood tests– In this test, the blood samples of a patient are examined in a laboratory in order to detect the level of albumin, creatinine and waste products in the blood.

Urinalysis– This test includes the testing of urine samples in a lab so that to determine the level of albumin and blood in the urine of a patient.

Biopsy– This test includes the examination of tissue of kidneys so that to detect how well kidneys are working and their current health status.

Screening tests– with the help of screening tests like Ultrasound and CT scan, any obstruction in the kidneys or urinary tract is detected. Along with that, these tests are also useful in detecting if there comes any abnormality in the size of the kidneys.

If you undergo any of the above tests and test results are positive, it means you are affected with kidney disorder and requires a permanent solution in order to cure the condition. As mentioned above, Ayurveda can prove to be boon for kidneys patients so you can opt for Ayurvedic treatment in order to get relieved from any sorts of kidney diseases permanently.

Karma Ayurveda is an eminent Ayurvedic kidney care center that has been providing Ayurvedic treatment for all types of kidneys disorder efficiently. Established many decades back, Karma Ayurveda has gained specialization in curing all kinds of kidney patients using Ayurvedic treatment. So far, it has cured over 35000 of kidney patients successfully and the number is increasing at a rapid pace. Karma Ayurveda is out there in the market for making people aware of the powerful healing effects of Ayurveda. This Ayurvedic treatment center has the vision to stop kidney dialysis as well as kidney transplant by providing a way better alternative, Ayurveda.

If you are afflicted with any kind of kidney disorder, contact Karma Ayurveda for the most relevant and permanent solution.

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