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Ayurveda specialist doctor for Kidney Disease in Jammu and Kashmir


If you are in search of Ayurveda specialist doctor in Jammu and Kashmir then we at Karma Ayurveda are ready to help you.

Kidney disease is a widespread health disorder which let people face many dangerous complications. This is also a state of health where the kidney patient is compelled to go for artificial procedures such as dialysis or renal transplant thinking that these will work as a life support to them. At Karma Ayurveda, Dr. Puneet Dhawan clears this wrong mindset of patients and shows them the right way to get out every problem with the help of ayurvedic treatment.

Kidneys are the two most important organs of the body that manages a healthy environment inside the body. Today around 17 percent of people are diagnosed with kidney diseases and are looking for a right and risk-free treatment. There are many others who face dangerous complications associated with renal failure and lose their lives because of the same. These dangerous complications can be cured with the help of kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda. The major complications are:

  • High risk of bleeding
  • Fluid overload or edema
  • Increased risk of kidney infection
  • Electrolyte abnormalities

Ayurveda specialist doctor in Jammu and Kashmir – Karma Ayurveda

If you are in search of Ayurveda specialist doctor for Kidney disease in Jammu and Kashmir, then Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda is ready to help you. Working as a leading ayurvedic kidney care institution, Karma Ayurveda is aimed to serve the kidney patients with a treatment which will work for the right elimination of causes of kidney diseases. It is the only ayurvedic kidney care institution which will guide you about a natural way which will work for the right elimination of causes and symptoms that are found to link with kidney disease.

As we are talking about ayurvedic kidney specialist doctor in Jammu and Kashmir, it is also important to know that how ayurvedic medicines help to cure renal failure. Ayurveda is a natural way of treatment which uses natural herbs to treat all kinds of kidney related disorders. In Ayurveda, natural herbs help to remove the blockage in mutravaha srotas that create disruption in passing the urine out. This obstruction is found to be a major cause of renal failure. Kidney failure is that stage where not only the functions of the kidneys but its size shape and functions also get affected.

Ayurvedic medicines and the right diet plan helps to cure renal failure from the root cause. Karma Ayurveda is that kidney care institution which provides right guidance about a diet that also helps in the reversal of damage of the kidneys and also helps in the re-storage of its functions which are as follow:

  • Managing a normal blood pressure and sugar level
  • Decreasing the sodium intake which helps in the management of blood pressure as well
  • Decreasing potassium consumption
  • Adequate consumption of protein-rich foods
  • Avoiding caffeine, smoking, and fatty foods

Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda is aimed to help all those who are looking for a kidney specialist doctor in Jammu and Kashmir, India. He is also aimed to keep all the kidney patients far away from surgical operations and other artificial treatments. Working since 1937, this ayurvedic kidney care institution successfully made a family of more than 35000 cured kidney patients. Besides providing the most effective Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda, Karma Ayurveda also provides you with a healthy diet plan which helps to cure the occurred damage inside the kidneys.



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