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Which ayurvedic herb is used to cure kidney disease?

Which ayurvedic herb is used to cure kidney disease

Today allopathic doctors had filled kidney patients mind with a statement that kidney disease cannot be cured naturally. This happens because allopath has no solution for kidney disease besides dialysis and kidney transplant. In this blog, we are going to find that how Ayurveda is proving allopathic doctors wrong and which ayurvedic herb is used to cure kidney disease. We will also talk about an ayurvedic kidney care institution which is freeing worldwide kidney patients from kidney disease and dialysis like dangerous procedures too.

Herbs for kidney disease which rejuvenates damaged kidneys permanently

Our nature is serving us all with many useful things. Natural herbs are a part of our nature which can help to cure many deadly health disorders and so that kidney diseases. Ayurveda is that ancient science of treatment which understands the healing power of these natural herbs. This is the natural way of treatment which is freeing people from a kidney transplant and dialysis like surgical procedures. If you are thinking that which ayurvedic herb is used to cure kidney disease, then here is your answer. Well, there are many herbs which are a part of ayurvedic medicine for kidney disease which is as follow:

  • Punarnava- Being anti-inflammatory in nature, this herb helps in natural curing of kidney disease. It can cure the swelling around different body parts which occurs due to the retention of excess fluid. Punarnava also balances the fluid levels and hence helps inadequate urine flow.
  • Kaasni- This herb is the best solution for many kidneys of kidney diseases. This herb also supports your respiratory system and can free you from many respiratory problems. Kaasni is found to be a rich source of vitamin A which also helps in improving your eyesight.
  • Varun- This is another powerful natural herb which helps a person to fight with many kidney disorders. These herbs work for the permanent elimination of kidney failure from its root causes. Varun also helps to cure kidney stones, migraines, intestinal bleeding, intestinal worms, etc.
  • Gokshur- This natural herb frees a person from all kind of urinary problems which is a major cause of kidney failure. This herb cures chronic urinary discharge and renal infections as well. It helps your body to fight with foreign bodies such as infection-causing bacteria too.
  • Palaash- Another best herb which supports the functioning of kidneys is Palaash. This natural herb also supports the functions of the liver and hence save a person from kidney failure. Its leaves are also used to cure a cold, diarrhea, dysentery, and sore throat.

Are you aware of these major causes of kidney disease?

After knowing that which ayurvedic herb is used to cure kidney disease, it is important to understand those causes which are increasing the number of kidney patients worldwide. There are many people who are not aware of the common causes of kidney disease such as diabetes and high blood pressure and are at higher risk to face the complications of this health disorder. Major causes of kidney disease are as follow:

  • Diabetes (both type 1 and type 2)
  • High level of blood pressure
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Interstitial nephritis
  • Polycystic kidney disease which is an inherited kidney disorder
  • A continuous obstruction in kidneys such as kidney stones
  • Kidney infection

Herbs used in kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda work for the deep down elimination of all these causes which let kidney related disorders to occur.

Karma Ayurveda- The ideal destination for kidney disease treatment

Karma Ayurveda is working for the benefits of kidney patients since 1937 and is making the world aware of the benefits of natural herbs which are used in ayurvedic medicines. This is the only ayurvedic kidney care institution which had freed more than 35000 kidney patients from surgical procedures such as dialysis and kidney transplant by providing ayurvedic kidney disease treatment. Currently leading by Dr. Puneet Dhawan, Karma Ayurveda is aimed to achieve its ultimate aim of “stop kidney dialysis”, so that no one will need to face the pain and complications of it. So, if you are thinking that whether there is a natural way to goodbye kidney disease, then the answer is yes for you.

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