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Why Ayurvedic kidney treatment in the United Arab Emirates Successful?

Ayurvedic kidney treatment in the United Arab Emirates

Kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda is one of the best treatments, which revive your kidneys functions without putting any side effects on your health. Kidney failure treatment in Allopathy is dialysis and kidney transplant can prove risky treatment for your kidneys. Besides, the allopathic medicines used during these treatment procedures are composed of heavy chemicals and drugs that can cause many serious adverse effects on your health.

Why People of United Arab Emirates Suffer from Kidney Disease?

Kidneys are a pair of organs that are present just below your ribcage on either side of the body. These organs perform many essential functions like removing waste substances and excess fluids from your blood through the urine. Your kidneys are also responsible for ensuring the good health of your bones and muscle found in your body.

Kidney failure is a severe health condition in which your kidneys completely lose their ability to perform functions that they usually do for keeping your body healthy. United Arab Emirates Food culture is generally non-vegetarian that can be a cause of kidney problems. When your kidneys stop functioning completely then extra fluid buildup can take place in your blood. Due to which, several health complications can appear in your body that indicate your body needs treatment. In this article, we are going to tell you about kidney failure and its best treatment.

If your kidneys are not able to perform their natural functions then your body may overload with the toxic materials that can further lead to kidney failure if left unresolved. This situation can be life-threatening.

Cause of kidney failure

Many factors can interfere with your kidneys’ health as well as functionality. Many factors that affect the functioning of your kidneys are as follows:

  • Loss of blood flow to the kidneys that is caused by many reasons like heart disorders and severe dehydration.
  • Urine elimination problems that can occur due to kidney stones and blood clots in the urinary tract.
  • A blood clot in or around your kidneys
  • Severe infection
  • Illegal drug abuse and over-consumption of alcohol
  • Glomerulonephritis, an inflammation of the small blood vessels present inside your kidneys
  • Cancer of the plasma cells in your bone marrow
  • Chemotherapy drugs that treat cancer
  • Some autoimmune diseases
  • Dyes used in imaging tests
  • Certain antibiotics that can damage the filters of your kidneys
  • Both types of uncontrollable diabetes

These are some of the major reasons for kidney failure. Kidney failure has become a worldwide issue and many individuals have also enquired for Ayurvedic kidney treatment in the United Arab Emirates.

Symptoms of kidney failure

Kidney diseases have very few symptoms until they do not take their advance form. In most cases, individuals are living with these health disorders without knowing that they have kidney disease due to the absence of any symptoms. When kidney disease reaches its advanced stage without any specific treatment; it may cause kidney failure. Several serious symptoms can be seen in this condition. Some of the main symptoms of kidney failure are as follow:

  • Changes in urine output; usually urine output decreases as well as increases but sometimes it remains normal.
  • Swelling in your legs, ankles or feet due to fluid retention in your body
  • Problem in breathing
  • Fatigue or laziness
  • Confusion or problem in thinking
  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Abnormal heartbeat
  • Chest pain
  • Seizures or coma in rare cases

Diagnosis of Kidney Failure

When you reach a qualified doctor, he recommends you to undergo some of the tests mentioned below:

Blood test – A blood test is done to measure the level of albumin and waste substances in your blood; especially creatinine and urea nitrogen. Creatinine is a waste that is produced due to the metabolism of your body muscle. Normal kidneys remove creatinine from your body. Urea nitrogen is another waste product in your blood that is created when there is a presence of an abnormal amount of protein in your blood. When your kidneys stop working, the level of creatinine and blood urea rises in your blood.

Urine test – Your doctor will suggest you for this test to determine the presence of blood and excess protein in your urine. The results of this test will help your doctors in understanding how severe your kidney damage is.

Imaging tests – Some imaging tests like ultrasonography or a CT scan can help your doctor in finding the exact reason behind kidney failures like a blockage in your urine flow or kidney stones, etc.

More than 320 people per million of general people from the United Arab Emirates are suffering from chronic kidney disease and right now, around 1600 people are taking dialysis as a kidney failure treatment that is not a permanent solution to this problem.

Treatment options available for kidney failure

According to allopathy doctors, if you have end-stage renal disease or kidney failure then you need dialysis and kidney transplant to survive. These treatments can prove to be very harmful to your body. Experts suggest people Ayurvedic Kidney treatment that is the most effective way to get rid of this disease. The treatments available for kidney failure are described below:

  • Dialysis – Dialysis is the treatment that is performed when your kidneys are not able to perform their functions. It involves the use of equipment that acts like artificial filters that filter your blood outside your body. Many risks are involved with this treatment procedure like anemia and weakness, etc. Usually, the average life expectancy rate after dialysis is 4-5 years which is very less.
  • Kidney transplant – Another treatment option available for kidney failure is a kidney transplant. Transplanted kidneys can work normally without dialysis. In this treatment, a patient’s kidney is replaced by a healthy kidney taken from a donor. For this treatment, firstly, you have to wait for a donor; he/she can be a living person or deceased. There are many complications of this treatment as sometimes a patient’s body rejects the foreign organ. In that case, the patient is given immunosuppressive drugs after the surgery that works as an anti-rejection remedy. So, now you can understand that kidney transplant does not guarantee a permanent kidney failure treatment.
  • Ayurvedic kidney failure treatment – Ayurveda is one of the best ways to treat any chronic disease without any side effects. Kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda involves the use of natural herbs like salvia, gokshur, Punarnava, and many more that are strong enough to revive your kidneys’ health as well as their functioning ability. In order to acquire Best Ayurvedic kidney treatment Doctor in United Arab Emirates, you’ll have to find for an eminent kidney care center; Karma Ayurveda is one of such kind of kidney care centers.

It is one of the leading health care centers that are committed to proving efficient kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda with the best possible result. More than 35000 kidney patients have been cured by Ayurvedic kidney failure treatment from Karma Ayurveda.


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