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Kidney failure is a leading problem among many middle and old age people in the modern lifestyle. Most of these people are either suffering from high blood pressure problems or diabetes. As the patient’s age progresses, their kidneys become weak and are not able to filter the waste and excess fluid from the body. Once the kidneys become damaged, they are no longer able to function which can result in building up of toxic waste in the body. It is necessary to go for a kidney failure treatment in order to stop any further damage.

Common causes of kidney failure

The most common causes of kidney failure are high blood sugar level and diabetes. There are several other reasons that can lead to kidney diseases such as bladder infection, physical injury to kidneys, inherited disorder, kidney stones, tumors or cancer. All these reasons can lead to kidney problems.

Signs and symptoms of kidney failure

Kidney failure is a slowly progressive disease and its signs are only visible in the later stages. The patients who are suffering from the kidney failure shows the sign like nausea, lethargy, tiredness, and fatigue. As the damaged kidneys fail to function, the excess water starts building up inside the body which can lead to swelling in hands, feet, ankles and face. Other signs like dry and itchy skin, pain in the abdomen, muscle cramps and pain in joints and back are a common occurrence.

A proper diagnosis

If the above signs of kidney failure prevail for a time, it should be diagnosed to not be a further threat to your health. Some common tests to be followed for the diagnosis are:

  • Blood test shows the level of waste products such as creatinine and urea in the blood.
  • Urine test analyzes the urine content and reveals abnormalities and mainly helps in identifying chronic kidney disease
  • Imaging tests is to identify the kidney structure and size
  • Kidney tissues sample for testing recommends a biopsy to determine the cause of kidney problem

Kidney friendly diet

A proper diet directly affects the kidney problems as the food we eat put a strain on the kidneys. If we intake light fibrous fruits and vegetables it can boost the strength of the body. High protein food should be avoided completely. Also, the sodium and phosphorus intake should be limited.

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure

Opting for a kidney transplant and dialysis doesn’t give a permanent solution to the kidney problems. In order to look for a more long lasting solution, Ayurvedic treatment can be a perfect solution for a kidney failure. Ayurveda, as the name suggests is an ancient science of healing patients with the natural element and tested techniques. Ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure treatment is effective in eradicating the problem from the root. Ayurvedic medicines make use of unrefined herbs like Varun, Punarnava, Gokshur, Shirish, Kaasni and Shigeru. These herbs have no side-effects and have proven to reverse the kidney disease.

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