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Ayurvedic Remedies: Be Prepared! Kidney Patient for Coronavirus, COVID-19 – Dr. Puneet Dhawan.

Coronavirus And Kidney Disease

Kidney Patient Be Prepared! for Coronavirus COVID-19:

Coronavirus gets spread through the human transmission. Those with kidney disease or other serious conditions such as hypertension and diabetes are more at the risk of this COVID-19 infection. Because a patient is at the exposure to acute kidney failure, it is therefore important to take action to reduce the exposure with the help of ayurvedic remedies. “Be Prep! Kidney Patient for Coronavirus, COVID-19, Ayurvedic Remedies“.

Countries like India, the US, Saudi Arabia are at the outbreak of this pandemic, and it will last long, so assuring that you are protective is necessary. To lessen the severity of this condition, the Centers for Disease Control recommends the following preventive measures:

If you are at a higher risk of Coronavirus, make sure:

  • To stay away from public places, including gym, malls, movie theaters, social gatherings, and anything alike. 
  • Stay home
  • Wash your hands with a sanitizer or soap ie,. alcohol-based.
  • Cover your face with a mask as you step out.
  • Cover yourself with a tissue, when coughing & sneezing, and then dispose the tissue
  • Stay at bay from those with cough and cold.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and face over & over again.
  • Frequently disinfect anything that you are in touch with like door handles.
  • “Be Prep! Kidney Patient for Coronavirus, COVID-19, Ayurvedic Remedies”

If there is a risk of Coronavirus in your area, you need to stay home and reduce the risk of getting sick. Cook food at home instead of going out for dinners and avoid crowded spaces like grocery stores. Also, if you are on medications, ask your doctor about the same.

About dialysis treatments and medical appointments

If you are on dialysis, you should not miss your treatments and sessions. If you are sick and cannot go to the outside location, then you can ask for home dialysis. Home dialysis can be done in the comfort of your home so that you don’t have to go outside. If you have transplant surgery in the coming days, ask a healthcare provider about your questions or concerns.

Coronavirus And Kidney Disease

What Ministry of Ayush has to stay about COVID-19?

The ministry of Ayush released an advisory report on how to cope with coronavirus infections. The ayurvedic treatment of the Coronavirus is not about curing the disease of its roots, rather about the preventive measures. There are various treatments like Unani, Ayurveda, Siddha medicines that can help to prevent the infection and decrease the risk of Coronavirus.

Are there any ayurvedic remedies about the same?

The ayurvedic medicines are used to treat a number of complications, but there is no medicine to date that can assure 100% results. Many ayurvedic practitioners claim to offer benefits in the treatment; there is no update on the same. “Be Prep! Kidney Patient for Coronavirus, COVID-19, Ayurvedic Remedies”.

Ayurvedic remedies to fight the symptoms


  • Lemon Tea –Treats the infection in the air pathway
  • Mint Tea – Cures the runny nose and helps in smooth breath
  • Ginger Tea –Treats the headache caused by respiratory infections
  • Lemon and Honey Tea – Soothes rough or dry cough caused due to infections

Other remedies

  • Consume boiled beetroot, cabbage, broccoli, and salad.
  • Use Haridra in your meal.
  • Drink turmeric-pepper milk at night
  • Kashavam is the mixture of Ginger, Pepper, and Turmeric in hot water
  • Guduchi can improve immunity and treat your fever
  • Seeragam Rasam and Milagu should be included in the meal at the time of infections.
  • “Be Prep! Kidney Patient for Coronavirus, COVID-19, Ayurvedic Remedies”.


The old saying is apt for this scenario; Prevention is better than cure. You should have heard that this infection is caused by human transmission; it is essential to stay at home instead of going out until the situation gets normal.

Don’t follow anything said for no reason, and don’t spread rumors. By reading the news about COVID-19, we have seen people pushing themselves to the brim of the cup.

Practice the art of health and wellness, build immunity, and adopt these measures written above. Ayurveda has the capacity to treat and fight anything that can come in the way of good health. “Be Prep! Kidney Patient for Coronavirus, COVID-19, Ayurvedic Remedies”.

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