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Can stress cause kidney disease?

stress cause kidney disease

Stress is a common name that appears in everyone’s life today. It is obvious to feel stressed out sometimes until it harms your health by way of blood pressure and diabetes. Stress can be psychological or physiological, but anyways it can harm your health in numerous ways. Psychological stress is something that we feel every day and which puts negative connotations on our living habits. On the contrary physical stress is the stress we receive on our physical body because of the workout we do in various terms. What more matter than stress is our ability to handle the ways weight impacts us.

What is stress?

Stress is an emotion that can disturb our true state of happiness though the level of stress can vary from person to person. For some, not reaching office on time can be a source of stress, and for others learning that they have chronic kidney disease can be a source of emotional pain. Some people feel anxious about what the best treatment they should choose for CKD can also be a source of stress (anxiety is also a negative emotion).

The response to stress determines how you can combat such conditions in your life. Negative emotions when not taken care of can raise breathing and heart rate, stiffen your muscles, and widen your pupil. Even those having high blood pressure may notice their blood glucose level rising when under stress for a long time. Fear has the ability to influence your fat and cholesterol level when you ignore the preventive measures to overcome it.

Can stress cause kidney disease?

The body’s response to stress can generate positive stress on the situations that stress your mind. However, being under stressful conditions and choosing the same reaction for a long time can turn out to be harmful to the kidneys and heart health.

The alterations in the heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar level at the same time on account of some stressful conditions can damage the kidneys and introduce the complications also. You may have a severe heart attack when stress exceeds the level, which can prompt acute kidney failure.

Individuals who are at the risk of some kidney disease, the negative response to the stress may worsen their kidney problem. Hence, it is critical to know how stress can cause kidney disease and what preventive measures to take.

Hypertension and diabetes within years of diagnosing can severely influence kidney function. Within a couple of years, you will notice kidney function deteriorating in percentage every year.

What are the ways to manage stress?

There are ways the adoption of which can mainly help with managing stress levels. It is easy to cope with your stress once you know the ideas that would work on you.

Here are some helpful ways to combat your stress level:

  • Limit caffeine: Caffeine may help you reduce your stress for the time being, but addiction to caffeine can be harmful as well. When you are healthy, the body has its own way of accommodating caffeine. In the event of impaired body function, high caffeine consumption can lead to jitters, hypertension, and even kidney disease.
  • Eat healthy food: Watch out what you put in to cope with your stress level. Today people believe that eating street foods can help to release the stress, but note that it temporary works on you. In the event of stress, people run to chocolate or cake, but do you know they are blended with sugar and artificial sweeteners, which can impact your kidneys. Choose a healthy way of living and be mindful of what you are eating.
  • Physical work is necessary: It is important to stay vitalize by way of physical activity. Physical activity keeps your mind free of stressful hormones and reduces your pain or sorrow. Exercise also helps to bring down hypertension and stress levels, and so do the risk of kidney disease. If you don’t have time to do exercise, you can choose to stay physically active for a couple of minutes in a day.
  • Relax, it is necessary: Everyone has a different idea of how they should relax. For some, planting is relaxation while for other cooking. There are plenty of things you can choose from according to your area of interest. You can also opt for yoga, meditation, massaging, a vacay, and a spiritual retreat to release your stress level.
  • Cut down sugar from your diet: Fat and sugar are not particularly good for the health when consumed in abundance. They both provide our daily requirement of calories as much as not provided by the proteins and carbs. But equally, they are a weight gainer and increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  • Listen to music: According to healthcare providers, music is a well-known mood booster. It can help reduce your rising stress level instantly without letting you step out of your comfort zone.
  • Sleep enough: when you sleep for enough hours, you will be in a happy mood. Hypertension levels will stay in control with the adequate amount of sleep you take. So, make sure you sleep for 8 hours daily.

No matter, what is the reason behind your rising stress levels, there is always a way that can work in your favor. Reducing stress is important to living a healthy life!

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