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Kidney disease is a state of compromised kidney function that is caused when the kidney is damaged. The kidney impairment can definitely be treated once it gets diagnosed whereas an undetected kidney disease can lead to death. The early stages of kidney disease do not show any symptoms that can easily get ignored. Can urine therapy cure kidney disease?

Kidneys are the important organ system of the body; they perform various essential functions like:

  • Formation of urine
  • Expelling waste from the blood
  • Keeping correct levels of electrolytes in the body
  • Assisting in the production of red blood cells
  • Absorbtion and reabsorbtion of vitamin D
  • Regulating the pressure and volume of blood Can urine therapy cure kidney disease?


Kidney disease has various types like a Kidney stone, polycystic kidney disease, Diabetic kidney disease, Glomerulonephritis, Kidney infection, and Kidney cancer

Chronic kidney disease is described as ongoing kidney damage. On the other hand, sudden shut down of kidney function is called acute kidney failure. These kidney damage diseases can lead to kidney failure. Kidneys when function abnormally they tend to develop some commonly occurring signs and symptoms like changes in your urine, nausea and appetite loss, itchiness, swollen or numb hands and feet, darkened skin and muscle cramps. Can urine therapy cure kidney disease?


Kidney function when becomes compromised result in the building of waste and toxins in the body. Human urine is toxic in nature and causes harm to the body. Many researchers have believed that urine therapy is very effective for kidneys. The experimentation of urine therapy on various kidney disease patients has given positive results.

It was found that application of urine therapy gives following curative remedies:

  • It enhances immunity: Urine carries antigens and antibodies. Drinking it increases one’s immunity and fight against the cause of kidney disease.
  • Urine is rich in active substances: Many active and organic substances are present in urine. The substances like urea, hormones, EPO that are healthy for kidneys.

Although urine therapy brings a few health benefits to kidney disease patients, in the case of temporary utilization of the therapy it cannot completely cure kidney disease. A consistent application of urine therapy increases the chances of kidney disease reversal with remarkable improvement in kidney function.


Kidney disease is a partial loss of kidney function that can certainly be restored by correct treatment therapy, Ayurveda. This traditional Indian medical stream has been practiced for decades to cure all body ailments. Can urine therapy cure kidney disease?

Ayurveda uses naturally ingrown herbs in the medicines for kidney diseases and revives the cells of the damaged kidneys on their own. The treatment therapies conducted in Ayurveda cause no side effects and guarantees 100% results.

Karma Ayurveda, a natural treatment hospital is a leading name in the Ayurveda sector. The centre runs under the supervision of the 5th generation of Dhawan family, Dr. Puneet Dhawan. The hospital deals with kidney related impairments through natural treatment mechanisms and has successfully established as a brand name since 1937.