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Ways to avoid Fake and Fraud kidney treatment, Review Karma Ayurveda, complaints – Patient Sanju Lama from Kathmandu Feedbacks

karma ayurveda review and complaints

Kidney disease is the reduced functioning ability of the kidneys. It, when, continues for long, results in complete loss of kidney function termed as kidney failure. Creatinine is a byproduct of creatine (a chemical compound secreted in muscles) its progressive rise becomes a clear indication of chronic kidney disease. “Fake and Fraud kidney treatment, Review Karma Ayurveda, complaints”

Ayurveda is a traditional mechanism to treat kidney diseases. It uses nature-based products to heal damaged kidneys. The treatment measures of Ayurveda are safe and have long lasting effects. Ayurvedic medicines recommended by Ayurveda experts target the root cause of the problem resulting in permanent results.

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Karma Ayurveda, a prominent kidney hospital in India provides the best kidney disease treatment with the assistance of an experienced ayurvedacharya Dr. Puneet Dhawan. Many patients with kidney disease get treatment courses from the centre and experience miraculous effects. “Fake and Fraud kidney treatment, Review Karma Ayurveda, complaints”

A patient name Sanju Lama from Kathmandu, Nepal, suffered the disorder of kidney disease. She witnessed few symptoms like

  • vomiting
  • nausea
  • shortness of breath

Her lab tests were conducted in Kathmandu that numbered serum creatinine as 2.4mg /dl. As her condition was deteriorating she decided to switch to an ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease. She adopted a 6-month course of ayurvedic medicines from Karma Ayurveda hospital and witnessed remarkable changes in her health. Her reports were self-explanatory as her serum creatinine reached near to normal, to be specific 1.4 mg/dl. Karma Ayurveda has proved to be a hope for many kidney patients. Their earnest efforts have paid the team off by making it a brand name. “Fake and Fraud kidney treatment, Review Karma Ayurveda, complaints”

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