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What is the first sign of kidney failure?

first sign of kidney failure

Every health disease and disorder is found to be linked with many signs and symptoms and so that kidney diseases. But in case of kidney disease, the symptoms are found to occur a little later or at the last stages. This last stage of kidney disease is known as kidney failure. In this blog, we are going to discuss the first sign of kidney failure. We will also get to know that it is possible for a person to get rid of the complications which are found to be linked with kidney failure without dialysis and kidney transplant.

What let kidney disease to take the shape of kidney failure?

Today, millions of people are diagnosed with kidney disease but they are not aware of the causes which let them face these health conditions. Kidney disease doesn’t show any signs or symptoms at the early stages this is the reason why it takes the shape of kidney failure without even giving any sign to the diagnosed person. But there are some health conditions which seem to be normal health conditions but can be a sign of chronic kidney disease. Before discussing the first sign of kidney failure you should have a look at the three major and early signs of kidney disease which are as follow:

  • High level of protein in urine- Healthy kidneys work for the preservation of protein as it is a very important nutrient which plays many significant roles inside our body. When the kidneys of a person get damaged and are not able to perform any of its function, the protein starts excreting from the body with urine which depicts that there is something wrong with a person’s kidneys.
  • Change in urination- Change in urination such as less urine, often urge to urinate, change in color of urine, foamy urine, smelly urine, pain while urination, bloody urine are some major signs of kidney disease.
  • Pain in lower back- Slight or heavy pain in the lower back can also be a sign of kidney disease. People who feel such pain should undergo proper tests to detect the actual reason behind such pain.

What is kidney failure and what are its early signs?

As we discussed above, that kidney disease damaged the kidneys of a person in a slow and steady manner without showing any major sign or symptom. People detect the signs only when they reach the stage of kidney failure. If you are now thinking that what is the first sign of kidney failure then you might not get the exact answer. This is because every kidney patient faces many different signs being at the stage of kidney failure. Some start feeling very tired and some start having trouble sleeping. This is the reason why we advise every individual to stay aware of such symptoms which can denote that you are at the stage of kidney failure. To detect the effectiveness of kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda, the need to know the below-mentioned symptoms of kidney failure also turns important:

  1. Feeling tired all day long
  2. Sleep-related disorders
  3. Itchiness and dryness of skin
  4. Often urge to urinate
  5. Bloody urine
  6. Foamy urine
  7. Puffiness of eyes
  8. Swelling in feet and ankles
  9. Poor appetite
  10. Often muscle cramps

Ayurvedic medicines for kidney failure provided by Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda make kidney patients free from such health-related complications permanently without suggesting an artificial procedure.  So, if you or anyone around you is facing the complications of kidney disease and want to get a natural solution of kidney failure then Karma Ayurveda is ready to help you out in the right manner.

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