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Are Fruits Harmful to the kidneys?

Is fruit harmful to the kidneys

Being the filtration section inside our body, our kidneys perform a number of significant functions which keep us away from many dangerous health disorders. Our kidneys remove waste from the body through urine, produce necessary hormones, balance the level of different minerals and compounds, and also help in the maintaining of fluid. This is the reason why it turns important for all of us to maintain the health of our kidneys and to eat the right foods. In this blog, we are going to know “are fruits harmful to the kidneys”.

Factors Which Increases the Risk of Kidney Disease for you

There are a number of factors which can turn into the cause of kidney disease and even kidney failure for anyone. It can be diabetes and high blood pressure like common health conditions too. Besides this, there are several reports which state that a person’s eating habits and lifestyle also put a great impact not only on his health but on the functions of kidneys as well. Besides this, heart diseases, hepatitis C, HIV, alcoholism are some other factors which can cause massive damage to your kidneys and can let you search a kidney failure treatment.

How a Healthy Diet Can Help You to Get Rid of Kidney Disease

Almost every kidney patient is advised to make the necessary changes in his/her diet. This is because our diet plays an important role in the management of our health. Being a kidney patient you may eat a lot of fruits because fruits are effective. According to ayurvedic science, some consultant searching for a question like are fruit harmful to the kidneys or not. If yes, then which fruit should a kidney patient avoid? Besides this, a kidney patient should also stay aware of all those eatables which can damage their body parts or its internal organs. The necessary changes in diet are necessary because inadequate eating can put more pressure on damaged kidneys.

Well if you are still thinking “are fruits harmful to the kidneys” or not, then the answer is yes for you. Yes, there are some fruits which a kidney patient should avoid. These fruits are:

Bananas- The amount of potassium is very high in banana and hence the kidney patients are advised to avoid its consumption. One medium sized banana will give 422mg of potassium and can put pressure on your already damaged kidneys.

Orange- Yes oranges are a great source of vitamin C but it also contains a high amount of potassium. One large orange can serve you with 333mg potassium and hence kidney patients are asked to avoid its consumption.

Apricots- Apricots are rich in fiber, vitamin A, and Vitamin C. But it also contains a high amount of potassium. One cup of apricots contains 427 mg of potassium.

Fruits which a kidney patient should add in diet                             

Apples- Those who have high blood pressure level are advised to eat apples. Apple works to manage the blood pressure level and relieves hypertension. This fruit also helps in the reduction of blood creatinine level.

Cranberries- This is another delicious fruit which a kidney patient should include in his/her diet. Cranberries contain tannic which prevents kidney infection.

Blueberries- It is also that super fruit which helps our body to fight back with dangerous diseases and many infection-causing bacteria. This fruit reduces blood pressure level, reduce cholesterol level, and softens the blood vessels and tissues.

Kiwi- This fruit contains vitamin C which increases the power of the immune system and helps the body to fight against many diseases. Kiwi is rich in fiber and helps the toxins to move out from the intestinal tract. It helps in reducing or managing the blood pressure level. This fruit will help to remove the first sign of kidney failure such as weakness.

Which is the right treatment for kidney disease?

Ayurveda has a natural solution for every major and minor kidney-associated complication. This is the only treatment which works for the right and permanent removal of all those causes which let kidney associated disorders to arise. Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda is working to make every kidney patient aware that kidney-related associated disorders have natural and risk-free solutions too. If you are advised to undergo dialysis and kidney transplant like procedures by the allopathic doctors, then you are advised to meet Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda who will serve you with the right and natural alternative.

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