Kidney Failure Treatment In Ayurveda
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Kidneys play a vital part as they cleanse the body of toxicity. Nature gave us two kidneys to cover the possibility of loss of one kidney. Kidneys filter the waste from the blood and water in the body. There are many other functions that are supported by the kidneys like maintaining the acid balance and creatinine level in the body.

How Do Kidney Fail?

Kidneys carry out the function of complex filters in the body. In the normal case, kidneys can eliminate the waste materials that the body produces. If the blood flow to the kidneys and urine outflow is affected that indicates damage to the kidneys. There are many reasons that can cause chronic kidney disease such as:

  • Diabetes type 1 and 2 if not controlled can lead to accumulation of excess sugar in the blood. Usually, a long diabetic patient is more prone to kidney disease.
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure can damage the glomeruli which play the crucial part filtering waste products.
  • Obstruction in the urine flow can lead to the urine going back up to the bladder. This can result in the enlarged prostate, kidney stones or tumor.
  • Overuse of certain medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen can be dangerous for your kidneys.

How Do Kidney Fail? Kidney Failure Treatment in Ayurveda

Kidney disease is a slow process and can carry out the normal functions till the later stages. The sign of this disease is only visible in advanced stages. The most common symptoms that are visible are anemia, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, decreased urine output, swollen feet and hands, insomnia, hypertension, dry and itchy skin, more frequent urination, pain in back and muscle cramps, loss of appetite and sudden change in body weight.

If the symptoms like this prevail for long, one should immediately go for a blood-urine test. Once the situation is confirmed, you should get a quick treatment. Usually, in later stages, people opt for dialysis or a kidney transplant. Both of the treatments are costly and can have several side effects on other organs.

Kidney Failure Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is used since ancient times for curing all kind of physical diseases. Kidney Failure Treatment in Ayurveda is the most effective form of treatment. The Ayurvedic medicines contain many unrefined herbs that are crucial in decreasing the symptoms and reviving the kidneys. Some of the commonly used herbs are Astragalus, Horsetail, Licorice Root, Parsley root, Uva Ursi, Barberry, Java tea leaf, and many other herbs too. Also, kidney patients must follow a proper diet which is vital for effective kidney failure treatment. One must restrict the amount of protein, sodium and phosphorus in your meal. A healthy diet with Ayurvedic medicines can help in rejuvenating your kidneys.