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How to avoid kidney dialysis naturally? Dr. Puneet Dhawan.


Are you in search for a right and risk-free alternative of dialysis then here we are going to discuss right alternative of it. But before knowing the ways to avoid kidney dialysis naturally, it is important to know that what dialysis actually is. Kidney dialysis is an artificial treatment which performs some functions like a healthy kidney of a person. The need for dialysis arises when the two kidneys of a person are not in a position to perform the necessary functions. This condition is known as the renal failure at which the kidneys lose 85 to 90 percent of its overall functions. But this procedure can’t be as intelligent as a person’s health kidneys can. “How to avoid kidney dialysis naturally?“. Hence the people who are on dialysis are advised to avoid kidney dialysis naturally by getting a treatment that will be away from surgical procedures like dialysis. Before discussing that treatment it is important to focus on renal functions that get affected at the time of renal failure.

How To Avoid Kidney Dialysis Naturally? Dr. Puneet:

Let’s understand about the major functions performed by our kidneys:

  • Healthy kidneys remove waste, excess water and salt from the body and prevent the building up these wastes inside different body parts and organs.
  • Manages the level of chemicals such as potassium, sodium, and bicarbonate in the blood.
  • Helps to control blood pressure by releasing necessary hormones.
  • Help in the production of red blood cells.

How Ayurvedic treatment for hemodialysis effective?

Ayurvedic Kidney Disease Treatment is working as an ideal handling for many as it never includes treatments which will leave any side effects. Being away from artificial procedures and antibiotics, ayurvedic treatment for hemodialysis is providing the right alternative to those who are tackling with the pain of dialysis. Karma Ayurveda, the leading ayurvedic kidney care institution is guiding the patients since 1937 about the right way of treatment and hence bringing them out of the dialysis protocol. Here Dr. Puneet Dhawan guides that how ayurvedic treatment for hemodialysis reduces the need of dialysis by curing the occurred damage slowly and steadily. This is because of the right vision of Dr. Puneet Dhawan by which many more than 35000 patients get guided about “how to avoid kidney dialysis naturally?.

Along with ayurvedic kidney treatment, Karma Ayurveda also makes you aware about the role of diet in the reversal of renal disease. Let’s know about the major role of diet in kidney treatment:

We all are asked to have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as it plays a very essential role in keeping us healthy. If you are a renal patient then you need to pay proper attention to what you are consuming as wrong food can put more pressure on your kidneys and can put your life in danger. A person’s diet plays 50 percent role in the treatment and hence it is necessary for the patient to take proper advice from doctor his/her diet which will enable you to take pleasure of a life which will be free from any disease. Hence make necessary changes to your diet and adopt the right way of treatment which will not make you face any kind of after effects at all.”How To Avoid Kidney Dialysis Naturally?”.


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