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How to improve kidney functions naturally? Dr. Puneet Dhawan.

how to improve kidney functions naturally

You do a lot of things to look after your skin and body, but, ever you do anything to support or save your kidneys from hazardous diseases? Yes, there are so many people these days who are adopting some of the home remedies to improve kidney functions naturally due to the increased risk of kidney disease or kidney failure.

The kidneys are the two bean-shaped organs in your body that filter the blood and clean it to use by other organs. As our unhealthy lifestyle is affecting our physical appearance, our internal body has also got impacted because of it. These days, people are suffering from the kidney-related problem more than ever due to the hectic and harsh lifestyle changes. So, it is very vital to improve kidney functions naturally.

The four main works of the kidneys are –

  • Balance or regulate extracellular fluid volume-
  • Regulation of osmolarity, ion concentrations, and pH
  • Elimination of wastes and toxins
  • Creation of hormones

Along with the above-mentioned four works of the kidneys, your kidneys are also responsible for assisting the other vital organs in their working. In the blog underneath, you will read about the best 10 ways to improve kidney functions naturally. But before that, read about the 6 primary diseases associated with the kidneys.

  1. Chronic kidney disease, in short CKD, represents the all 5 stages related to the kidneys, from very mild to severe damage. All stages of kidney disease are based on how well your kidney is functioning.
  2. Acute renal failure or acute kidney disease develops when your kidneys suddenly lose their health, say within a couple of days. It is more usual in those people who are already ill and hospitalized.
  3. Polycystic kidney disease is accounted for as a congenital disease as it gets passed to you from one of your parents. Due to this disease, 1000’s of cysts filled with fluid, buildup inside or around the kidneys.
  4. Elevated creatinine level is a condition or problem that may happen due to various risk factors, such as diseased kidneys, muscle metabolism, or overconsumption of supplements that contain creatinine. Creatinine is a sort of waste material that accumulates in the bloodstream when you bring your muscles into actions.
  5. Proteinuria is a problem in which protein leaks out through urine because the kidneys are not healthy enough to prevent protein from slipping protein from the bloodstream. Along with that, those who are under stress or anxiety are more prone to get Proteinuria.
  6. Nephrotic syndrome is a group of symptoms that indicate unhealthy kidneys. Nephrotic syndrome mostly happens to children or adults.

These are the 6 disease or problems or condition that can harm or influence your kidneys. So, it is necessary to consult a doctor and take precautions to improve your kidney functions naturally.

The 10 ways to improve kidney functions naturally –

  1. Control your high blood pressure – It is the leading cause of kidney disease or even kidney failure. High blood pressure not only harms your kidneys but can also cause heart-related problems. That is why it is very vital to avoid consuming salt or sodium because it can increase the level of blood pressure. High blood pressure is not only the cause of kidney disease but a symptom of the kidney disease also.
  2. Manage your elevated blood sugar level – It is the second leading cause of kidney-related problems after high blood pressure. There are two types of diabetes – the first is type 1diabetes that happens due to the unhealthy diet and the second one is type 2diabetes that occurs due to anxiety and genetic condition. Both types of diabetes are not healthy for the kidneys.
  3. Follow a renal diet plan – An individual with kidney problems should avoid consuming protein, potassium, phosphorus, sugar (artificial sugar), and sodium. So, in case, if you are going through kidney-related problems, then concern to a dietician or doctor to know about the foods you can or cannot eat.
  4. Quit the nasty habits – The people who smoke cigarette, consume alcohol, eat fried foods, have artificial drinks, like diet coke, artificial fruit juice, dark-colored cola, or sodas, and tobacco, etc are at the higher risk of getting kidney disease.
  5. Opt for yoga instead of intense workout – Due to major muscle metabolism; your body may have an increased level of creatinine in the blood that damages the kidney’s filters. Along with that, by opting for an intense workout, you pressurize your kidneys. Yoga not only provides you with a healthy body as well as detoxes the organs of the body.
  6. Maintain a healthy weight – Being overweight or suffering from the problem of the thyroid is the one more reason behind diseased or failed kidneys. By following a healthy diet plan, avoid eating canned or processed food products, and by practicing yoga, you can maintain a healthy with. Along with that, a healthy weight is also important to improve kidney functions naturally.
  7. Maintain fluid intake – It is vital for everyone to at least drink 8-ounce glasses of water each day. Dehydration is also a problem that can cause kidney disease.
  8. Avoid over the counter medication – Consumption of analgesic that tends to release pain is the most hazardous action that not only damages the kidneys as well as harms the other organs.
  9. Meditate – It is the only easy method to not only to improve kidney functions naturally as well as detox your mind and body. Anxiety is the one problem that causes numerous health ailments and, meditation is the only way through which you can eliminate anxiety from your mind.
  10. Take natural Ayurvedic treatment – Ayurvedic medications has the option to provide you with kidney treatment naturally. There is no use of artificial medicines, and surgical treatments like dialysis or renal replacement in Ayurvedic treatment.

If you follow 5 or at least 7 of the above-mentioned tips to improve kidney functions naturally, then you are on the right track of saving your kidneys from the detrimental diseases. Kidneys are the vital organs in your body due to which the organs in your body are working well. So, it is very imperative that you should not do things that can harm or influence the health of your kidneys.


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