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Do you Know How to Reduce Proteinuria Naturally?

Do you Know How to Reduce Proteinuria Naturally?

Kidneys, natural filters of the body, perform the task of eliminating waste, toxins and extra fluids out through the medium of urine. These specialized organs sometimes excrete essential nutrients in case of kidney disease or any impairment. Normal healthy kidneys usually do not let protein to escape in the urine but as it gets attacked with kidney disease, an increased spill of protein is seen in the urine. This condition in medical terms is called proteinuria. How To Reduce Proteinuria Naturally?

Protein, as we are aware of, is a macronutrient that is present in the blood. It is usually found in the form of albumin and globulins. The albumin is widely present in the blood, to be specific 50%. Albumin caters to various essential functions in the body like pulling water into the capillaries and controlling the right amount of water into the circulatory system. Along with these functions, it also binds certain insoluble substances in the body like fat soluble vitamins, calcium, and some medications.


The crucial state of proteinuria is a standard indication of kidney disease. Kidney disease, described as the decreased functioning ability of the kidneys, includes various disorders like How to Reduce Proteinuria Naturally?

  • glomerulonephritis,
  • nephrotic syndrome,
  • chronic kidney disease,
  • acute kidney failure,
  • polycystic kidney disease,
  • lupus etc

The reduced ability of the kidneys to expel waste out the body results in the loss of protein in the urine (proteinuria). The condition of proteinuria is known to be of two types- transient proteinuria and orthostatic proteinuria.

Transient proteinuria- this is a short-term protein excretion that takes place due to strenuous exercises, high fever, and exposure to cold, stress and other conditions. It is a temporary scenario that has no connection with kidney disease.  How to Reduce Proteinuria Naturally?

Orthostatic proteinuria – this is an increased protein spill in the urine that is seen in people who have an upright position. In orthostatic proteinuria, kidneys are usually healthy.


Usually, there are no symptoms are seen in the early stage of proteinuria. People who are common victims have diabetes and hypertension. A large variety of commonly occurring signs and symptoms of proteinuria are-

  • Hypertension
  • Swelling in the face and around the eyes
  • Weight gain caused by edema
  • Loss of appetite
  • Foamy urine and bubbly urine
  • Bloated abdomen How To Reduce Proteinuria Naturally?


Ayurveda, also known as an ancient treatment therapy, involves the use of specialized herbs. These herbs are enriched with medicinal properties and cure kidney disease Naturally. Ayurveda also believes that correct renal diets can accelerate the functioning of kidneys and reverse the damage caused to these organs. Few dietary pointers that Ayurveda provides to proteinuria patients include-

  • Prefer lеаn mеаts thаn rеd mеаt
  • Соnsumе mоrе fіsh
  • Rеstrісt sаlt іntаkе
  • Consume plenty of fruіts аnd vеgеtаblеs, grаіns, аnd lеgumеs
  • Ехеrсіsе rеgulаrlу
  • Міnіmіzе аlсоhоl іntаkе
  • Rеduсе strеss lеvеls “How To Reduce Proteinuria Naturally?”
  • Be vigilant about water intake

Karma Ayurveda is a well-reputed center for kidney treatment. It is currently held by Dr. Puneet Dhawan who is the 5th generation of Dhawan family and also an Ayurveda expert. The center of Karma Ayurveda aids all kidney impairments through nature-based products. These medical aids are the safest option for  Best kidney treatment in India one could adopt.


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