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Karma Ayurveda review | Huveda Khan


Patient’s name: Huveda Khan

Karma Ayurveda is working since 1937 to keep the kidney patients free from dialysis. It is the only ayurvedic kidney care institution which guides the kidney patients about natural ways of treatment. Here Dr. Puneet Dhawan is guiding the kidney patients about the natural and effective way of treatment so that they will not go for any surgical procedures and will also not put their life at risk. Huveda Khan is one of the cured patients who come to take right advice and natural kidney treatment from Rajasthan and get free from all the problems she was facing before. Let’s know more about her.

Video Description:

Huveda Khan, 38 years was facing the drastic complications which are associated with chronic kidney diseases treatment. She tells about the major complications such as swelling in different body parts, weakness, low GFR level, and breathlessness. The patient tells that allopathic treatment had brought her to the situation of dialysis as it makes the complications of chronic kidneys disease stronger. Huveda Khan (the patient) tells that she was not able to walk but after getting the ayurvedic kidney treatment from Karma Ayurveda she can do all the household work by herself.

The GFR level which was 62 ml/min before shows a significant increase and reach to 71ml/min within some days of ayurvedic kidney treatment. The patient not only notices the changes in medical reports but on the physical level as well. Huveda Khan (the patient) gets rid of dangerous complications which are associated with kidney disease. Let’s take a look at that:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sleep-related problems
  • Changes in overall urine flow
  • Often itchiness
  • Muscle cramps and twitching
  • Pain in the chest due to fluid retention around the lining of the heart
  • High blood pressure level which can even be a cause of heart attack for many

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