Kidney disease is caused by pollutants
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In today’s era, our body is exposed to many harmful substances in the environment. It is the tendencies of a human body to keep itself clean in all conditions, but sometimes overexposure to these chemicals dangerously affects the body organs. We have discussed many causing factors of kidney disease but what is the main causing agent behind these factors is an area of concern. Kidney disease is caused by pollutants

Pollution is the introduction of contaminated substances into the environment that causes adverse changes. Pollutants are chemical agents that cause harm to nature. This can either include a foreign substance or naturally occurring energies.  There are different types of pollutions. These are water pollution, soil pollution, air pollution, thermal pollution, radioactive pollution, noise pollution and light pollution.


Kidneys play a vital role in a human body. They perform the task of removing waste from the body in the form of urine. It majorly contributes in maintaining the water balance in the body and regulating the blood volume and pressure. Kidneys when losing their ability to perform its function in the body results in kidney damage. As discussed in the intro to the article, pollution has also proved to be one of the leading causes of kidney disease. Kidney disease is caused by pollutants


 The contamination of air in the atmosphere is called air pollution. A lot of researchers have been done and found that air pollution also causes kidney diseases. In areas with dense population, there increase the level of air pollution that directly impact the organ system of the body. It is already a known fact that air pollution cause asthma, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and in extreme cases cancer. Kidney disease is caused by pollutants. The dust in the polluted air, when inhaled by the body, blocks the bloodstreams leading to the insufficient blood supply to the kidneys. It results in the damage to the kidney resulting in its complete loss.


Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies of an area. The contamination of water is caused due to the dumping of wastes in the rivers or streams. The water bodies are full of harmful toxins and chemicals like cadmium, heavy metals, and arsenic and fluoride, nitrates. The specific cause of chronic kidney disease is unknown, but it is likely to be a combination of chemicals and toxins widespread in the areas with the high possibility of water pollution.


Soil, when is contaminated with lead, creates a higher possibility of kidney damage. Also, when the soil is polluted with mercury and cyclodienes they tend to create irreversible kidney damage. “Kidney disease is caused by pollutants”. This becomes an unavoidable situation for the people who ought to reside near these areas. They are prone to develop problems related to immune system, kidney and liver damage, neurological impairment and lung infection.

People can adopt some below given precautionary measures to get saved from getting any kidney related problems:

  • Cover your nose when out
  • Drink filtered water
  • Avoid buying vegetables and fruits from places that seen to be polluted
  • Opt for organic products
  • Keep yourself clean and promote cleanliness. Kidney disease is caused by pollutants.


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