Kidney disease and weight loss
kidney disease weight loss
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Kidney disease and weight loss: Kidneys perform the task of filtering the waste from the blood and excess water out of the body. They also help in maintaining the red blood cell production in the body along with the balancing the acids. A kidney disease is a condition when the kidneys are not able to perform the functions well. People who are already suffering from heart disease, diabetes or stroke have more chances of getting such disease. There are mainly two types of kidney disease, such as:

Chronic Kidney disease (CKD) is the slow progressive kidney problem that sometimes takes years to reach advanced stages. It can be treated if diagnosed on time.

Acute Kidney Disease (ACD) is the sudden failure of the functions of the kidneys. Such a condition happens either in the last stage or during treatment. Kidney disease and weight loss

Some of the major symptoms of progression of kidney disease are abnormal weight loss or weight gain this is mainly due to loss of appetite. There are other signs that are visible in the later stages, such as nausea, fatigue, change in the color of urine, kidney stones, genetic disorder, swelling in hands and feet. If these signs prevail for long, one must go for a simple blood or urine test. After the level of kidney disease is confirmed, one can go for the right treatment.

Allopathic treatment may not be a likely solution but is most common among kidney patients. Patients go on dialysis when their kidneys are not able to perform the normal functions. It is an alternate to kidney functions. Another option is kidney transplant; it is the surgical method of removing a diseased kidney and replacing it with a new kidney. At times, the body may not accept the new kidney and the transplant may not be successful.  Kidney disease and weight loss

The best solution for reducing kidney symptoms is Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda is the natural treatment of physical ailments. It makes use of natural herbs, prehistoric techniques and organic supplements. Ayurvedic medicine alone is not enough, one also has to follow a kidney friendly diet. A kidney comprises of food items that do not put a strain on the kidneys but rather help in regaining the energy. There are certain points that one should keep in mind while forming a diet plan:

  • Calories should be adjusted according to the weight goals. The kidney patients who are suffering from weight loss must have more calories
  • Protein is the building block of the body and one needs it to grow, heal and stay healthy. One must adjust the level of protein in their diet to safer quantity
  • The healthy source of carbohydrates including fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet
  • Daily fat in the meal can help in keeping one fit and healthy. It can help in gaining weight who have faced the problem of weight loss
  • Sodium should be limited in the diet as it can lead to swelling and raise the blood pressure

A regular exercise, healthy diet and Ayurvedic medicines can increase the metabolism of the body and helps in regaining the health of the kidneys. Kidney disease and weight loss