Kidney disease with hearing loss
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Hearing loss is the inability of the ears to hear. It may occur in one or both ears. This inability of the ears can be caused by a number of complications such as aging, genetics, infections, birth defects, exposure to noise, trauma to the ears, certain medications and drug allergy, ear wax build up, a ruptured eardrum, chronic cold etc. It is diagnosed when hearing testing finds that the person is not able to hear 25 decibels even from one ear. Hear loss can be categorized as mild, moderate, moderate-severe, severe, or profound hearing loss. There are two types of hearing loss conductive hearing loss (caused due to sound waves and unable to reach the inner ear but can be restored), and sensorineural hearing loss (caused due to damage in the inner ear or auditory nerve. It is a permanent hearing loss). Kidney disease with hearing loss.

As all the organs are connected with one another so are the ears. Many diseases like kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, any chronic infection can impact the functioning of the ears. If one organ fails the others start losing its function and result in complete loss and complete damage.


Hear loss and kidney disease are connected. It can be denoted as one of a clear side effect of kidney related problems. As the tissues of the kidneys and the ears are similar and these share a common metabolic function, the problems that affect the kidneys can also affect the inner part of the ears. Also, the accumulation of toxins in the body can affect the inner tissues of the ears and cause a mild or severe hearing loss. This is also caused by the medications/drugs used to treat the kidney disease which can act as a side effect of the same. Kidney disease with hearing loss. Diabetes, hypertension and family history of kidney disease increases the risk of developing kidney related problems.

The patients who are conducting dialysis treatment are more prone to hearing loss. Usually, patients with Hemodialysis tend to be affected than those who are conducting the Peritoneal Dialysis.


  • Pain in ears
  • Communication becoming fuzzy
  • Muffle and fading sounds
  • missing conversation details
  • Vertigo or dizziness
  • Tingling sound in the ears
  • Pressure or fullness felt in one or both ears. Kidney disease with hearing loss


  • Avoid loud music: Avoid hearing loud music
  • Be a quiet enforcer: Purchase appliances that have low sound ratings
  • Wear hearing protection: wear earplugs or earmuffs whenever exposed to a noisy street environment.   Kidney disease with hearing loss.
  • Remove earwax in regular interval of time
  • Keep a check on medicines that risk your hearing power
  • Try and speak in a low volume


In Ayurveda, hearing loss is known as Karan – bharidiya. When there is a disturbance in the vata dosha, sound does not transmit from ear to the brain resulting in partial or complete hearing loss. Ayurveda offers a herbal treatment for the cure of hearing loss using certain medicated herbs and nature-based ingredients. Kidney disease with hearing loss.  Ayurveda treats the root cause of the problem i.e. kidney diseases with natural medicine minimizing the side effects of the disease and reducing the symptoms of the same.


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