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Kidney Stone Diet Plan And Prevention – Dr. Puneet Dhawan.

Kidney Stone & Diet Plan

Kidney stone diet plan and prevention

One in every 10 people has kidney stones once in their lifetime. They are small hard deposits of crystals that develop inside the kidneys and are made up of minerals and salts. A kidney stone can cause extreme pain but do not get worried because a better diet can help pass the stone naturally without any surgery. Kidney Stone Diet Plan And Prevention“.

Through this article, we will outline some of the dietary choices a person critically needs to follow in order to prevent the risk of kidney stones including the foods to eat and avoid. 

Dissecting kidney stone diet

People who had a kidney stone in the past and wish to reduce the risk of recurrence or who want to reduce the risk of developing kidney stone for the first time should follow these steps:

  • drink enough water
  • limit the intake of salt and animal protein
  • restrict foods that contain high levels of oxalates
  • Consume enough calcium

There is no single diet that can help to prevent kidney stones because there are several types of kidney stones result from different minerals buildup. However, many dieticians suggest the DASH diet for people with kidney stones. This diet focuses on different aspects of health such as high blood pressure, heart stroke, cancer, etc. The diet focuses on consuming fresh  fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, low intake of sodium, sugar, and animal protein especially red meat. “Kidney Stone Diet Plan And Prevention”.

You can only prevent the risk of the following types of stones:

  • calcium oxalate stones
  • calcium phosphate stones
  • uric acid stones
  • cystine stones

Kidney Stone And Diet Plan

What is the most important factor in the deployment of kidney stones?

One of the best things you can do to avoid kidney stones is to drink as much water as you can.  This will make sure that you urinate frequently and the various crystals or minerals in the urine do not get buildup inside the parts of the urinary tract. “Kidney Stone Diet Plan And Prevention”.

Likewise, more you sweat more is the risk of kidney stones. The loss of water from the body because of the activities like sauna, hot yoga, and exercise reduces the tendency to urinate more. The more you sweat the less you urinate which allows stone causing minerals to build in the kidneys. 

Stay hydrated more often especially when you are gyming because the body generates a lot of sweat at this time. Drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water per day to produce urine. Avoid soda, tea and sweetened ice to combat the risk of kidney stones. “Kidney Stone Diet Plan And Prevention”.

Foods to consume during kidney stones

Because there are different types of kidney stones forming because of different minerals, dietary choices also vary according to the type of stones. Talk to your nephrologist about the foods you can consume in the times of stones and the foods to avoid the formation of stones in the near future.  If you had a kidney stone in the past, the likelihood of its development in the future increases. 

Following guidelines may help you in general:

Calcium and oxalate-rich foods

Consuming a diet high in oxalates will need you to consume foods rich in calcium. Calcium and oxalate get bind together in the intestines thus preventing the formation of stones. “Kidney Stone Diet Plan And Prevention”.

Some foods to include at such time are:

  • low-fat or fat-free dairy products
  • calcium-fortified foods such as cereals or bread, 
  • beans
  • vegetables rich in calcium such as broccoli

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are healthy for a patient otherwise as well. Including more fruits and vegetables in your diet will adversely reduce the risk of stone buildup. Fruits can be eaten dried, frozen, fresh, or a salad. 

Fruits that have vitamin C or citric acid are considered good for the kidney stones because they help break stones into smaller parts and help release stones naturally. “Kidney Stone Diet Plan And Prevention”.

Also, there are certain foods that are rich in oxalate, you should be consuming less of them such as spinach. Nevertheless, if you still need to consume them, make sure to combine them with foods rich in calcium. 

Plant proteins

Consuming a large portion of protein through animal sources can be harmful. So try to include plant proteins in your diets such as beans, peas, and some types of lentils. Consult your dietician about the same as the requirement varies from person to person. “Kidney Stone Diet Plan And Prevention”.

Foods to avoid


In one recent study it was found that low sodium diet and high calcium diet resulted in positive bone calcium balance. So ideal approach is to consume less sodium is below 2300 mg. For those with high blood pressure and stone, 1500 is ideal. Foods rich in sodium are the ones that are packed and canned for instance frozen foods.

Refined Sugar

The refined sugar we consume results in the increases levels of insulin, fat is formed along with which is not healthy. This may altogether impaired kidney function resulting in stone formation. “Kidney Stone Diet Plan And Prevention”.

Calcium oxalates

If you had calcium oxalate stone, cut down the use of following foods in your diet as they are high in oxalate and may relapse stone. 

  • nuts
  • peanut
  • spinach
  • wheat bran

Consult your dietician when looking at ways to prevent kidney stones. They can advise you personally about the foods to avoid during the particular type of kidney stone keeping your health in mind.  You can also call us at Karma Ayurveda for more information on this topic. “Kidney Stone Diet Plan And Prevention”.

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