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Kidney Stone,Types, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatments Naturally – Dr. Puneet Dhawan.

About Kidney Stone Natural Ayurvedic Treatments :

Your both kidneys filter out the excess fluids and waste products from your blood, and dispose them into as urine form, after it cross the kidney nephrons and down to the renal tubules to be stored in urinary bladder and remove it outside body through urethra

Your kidneys take out waste & liquid from your blood to create urine. From time to time, when you have plenty of positive wastes & not enough liquid in your blood, this waste can increase and stick collectively in your kidneys. These mass of waste are known as kidney stones. Kidney Stone,Types, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Natural Ayurved Treatments“.


Types And Causes Of Kidney Stone:

Struvite stones: Struvite stones mostly create in human body due to urinary tract infection. Which mainly form due to bacteria in urinary tract, women who has a urinary tract infection form Struvite stone.

Uric acid stones: Uric acid stones form due to high levels of uric acid in urine, or/and due to too acidic urine ph level below 5.5 on regular. Mostly consuming more animal proteins, which create uric acid stone.

Cystine stones: Cystine stones are form due to cystinuria, when the level of cystine in urine too much, cystine stone form. These stone directly stuck the main part of kidney, bladder and also in urinary tract.

Calcium stones: Eating high protein foods causes form stone, intake of more sodium high food, causes calcium accumulate in urine, too much calcium form calcium stones. Calcium oxalate stone. “Kidney Stone,Types, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Natural Ayurved Treatments”.


Common signs & symptoms you know have kidney stones.

  • Pain in the side, back, or in belly area.
  • During urination mostly feel pain or burning.
  • Blood come in the urine.
  • Urgency need to go.
  • Urine too smelly or Cloudy.
  • Urine repeatedly going a small amount.
  • Vomiting and Nausea in tendency
  • Chill and Fever mostly


Kidney stones prevention naturally

  • Be hydrated or drink more & more water is the right way to prevent kidney stones.
  • Intake more calcium-rich foods.
  • Mostly avoid more sodium rich food.
  • Intake less oxalate-rich foods.
  • Avoid animal rich protein.
  • Intake less quantity of vitamin C supplements.
  • Commonly explore natural herbal remedies.


Basic Home Remedies how to remove Kidney Stone Naturally fast:

Lemon juice : Lemon juice contain citric acids, it chemically always prevents to form calcium stone, citrate also help or can ability to break down the big stone to small one, and the small stones passes easily, citric acids always restrain bacteria growth. “Kidney Stone,Types, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Natural Ayurved Treatments”.

Water: Drinking plenty of water is a vital to pass kidney stone easily and also it preventing new stone forming. Not only water flush out toxins, it help be hydrated to complete body. Dehydration is one of the major reason or risk factors to kidney stone.

Basil juice: Basil mostly contain acetic acid and many other nutrients like calcium, vitamin K, manganese, iron and a rich quantity of antioxidants. Its help to break down large size kidney stone to small size, then it passes out very smoothly.

Celery juice:  Fresh green celery juice is one of the best source of multivitamins like vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, potassium, manganese, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and high level of fiber. Celery helps to remove toxins, wastes, contaminants from your body and regular use or consumptions of it, which increase kidney health and naturally remove kidney stone.

Apple cider vinegar: It is one of the most popular & natural types of vinegar, it leads to supported many benefits like reduce cholesterol, reduce blood sugar level, help in weight loss and it take a major part to remove kidney stone from body, because apple cider vinegar contains citric acid, and you know citric acid help to flush out kidney stone or break down to small parts. “Kidney Stone,Types, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Natural Ayurved Treatments”.

Pomegranate juice: It is help to flush kidney stone; pomegranate rich in antioxidants, which support kidney health and lower acidity level of urine, lower acidity level reduce your future kidney stones formation.

Dandelion root juice : Dandelion contain carbohydrate insulin, which is a soluble fiber, and very powerful antioxidant in nature, help in detoxifies the liver, act as diuretic, fights against diabetes, treat UTI urinary tract infection, and fight against cancer, it help or support to growth healthy bacterial floral in intestinal tract.

Horsetail juice : It is diuretic in nature, Soft depurative and help to purify our body toxic level, it also support the health of nails, skins, strengthen bone, also it help in urinary tract infection, prevent kidney and urinary bladder stones.

Wheatgrass juice : It is a antioxidant supper food, have ability to remove toxins from your body, boost your metabolism and immune system, it also help to control blood pressure, cholesterol level and can treat infection in respiratory & urinary system. Wheatgrass support to increase your urine flow and help to pass kidney stones. It also helps to cleanse kidney. “Kidney Stone,Types, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Natural Ayurved Treatments”.

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