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How Effective is Kidney Treatment Naturally? Karma Ayurveda Delhi, India.

Kidney treatment naturally

Understanding kidney disease Treatment Naturally – Karma Delhi, India:

Kidney diseases are caused by the well-being conditions that harm the filters of the kidneys. Kidney disease happens in stages based on how well your kidneys are functioning. The goal of kidney treatment naturally is to mend kidney function without involving any surgery.

What is kidney disease?

Having kidney disease means your renal is unable to function as it is supposed to. When this happens, hazardous levels of fluid and toxins may pile up inside the kidneys thereby making your blood unfit for usage by the other organs. Contaminated blood does not allow the heart to function properly, increasing the risk of a heart stroke also.

Our kidneys are meant to filter waste from the blood and sieve them out through the urine. This filtration work is carried out by a group of filters of the kidneys called nephrons. Each kidney has a specified set of nephrons, approx 1 million that is further composed of the glomerulus. Together they hook up the important part of the kidney’s filtration process. But there are some health conditions in the body responsible for damage to nephrons and glomerulus that increase the risk of kidney disease. “Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment Naturally By Karma Delhi, India”.

What are the causes of kidney damage?

Kidney damage does not happen all of a sudden rather in stages as defined by your GFR level. GFR is an important factor that corresponds if you have kidney disease or not.

The well-being conditions that affect the kidney’s function are:

Diabetes and kidney problems

Diabetes especially Type 2 disease is a condition in which the body becomes ineffectual to make enough insulin for the use by the body. Uncontrolled diabetes may increase the risk of kidney failure, heart failure, high blood pressure, and foot health issues.

Over time, high blood sugar level weakens the vessels in our kidneys which may obstruct the kidney from filtering waste.

High blood pressure and kidney problems

High blood pressure refers to the flow of the blood against the walls of the bloodstream. It is the second leading cause of increasing kidney problems among individuals after blood sugar.

High blood pressure or hypertension impacts the kidney’s filters and does not allow them to sieve out the toxin. The damage causes shrinkage of the vessels leading to kidney disease.

Other causes that may become a reason of kidney damage are cardiovascular diseases, ureters or kidney blockage, obesity, autoimmune diseases such as lupus, and Glomerulonephritis. “Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment Naturally By Karma Delhi, India”.

Sometimes, a family history of a diseased person is also taken into account to detect the cause of kidney damage.

Lifestyle modifications that may affect kidney’ function are:

  • Overuse of antibiotics like ibuprofen, naproxen, and NSAIDs.
  • Excess consumption of alcohol
  • Long term use of street drugs

What are the signs and symptoms that may appear?

Many patients feel confused about the signs and symptoms of kidney damage in the initial stages. Often the signs are misinterpreted with other causes leading to delay in the ayurvedic kidney treatment.

The signs that should be looked for are:

  • Passing an amount of protein in the urine also known as proteinuria that makes urine frothy or bubbly.
  • With damaged kidney’s filters, sometimes blood cells also slip through the urine.
  • Severe pain or burning sensation when urinating.
  • Swelling in the body, mostly around the face and ankles
  • Puffy or swollen eyes
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Food intolerance
  • Anemia and related conditions
  • Dry or patchy skin because of fluid retention
  • “Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment Naturally By Karma Delhi, India”.

Upon observation of one or more signs of the kidney damage, it is necessary to consult your doctor and know what is causing the problem. The doctor usually confirms the kidney problem with the help of a blood test and urine test. eGFR is also measured to know the function of your kidneys.

Ways to keep your kidneys healthy

In order to preserve the kidneys function, it is necessary to work on the conditions that directly or indirectly put a threat on your kidneys, these conditions include diabetes, hypertension. Controlling your hypertension and blood sugar level will avert the kidneys from getting overburdened.  Any obstruction in the blood flow is going to hurt the bloodstream of the kidneys. “Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment Naturally By Karma Delhi, India”.

Some healthy tips for you are:

Staying hydrated

Hydration plays an important role in keeping kidneys in their optimum health.

Healthy food

Nutrition choice also affects your kidney’s function. If your kidneys are already damaged, they need a special kidney-friendly diet to keep up with their functions.  For this follow these measures:

  • Soak fruits and vegetables before consuming
  • Consume less than 2300 mg of sodium per day
  • Swap high protein foods with low protein
  • Cook food with a mix of spices to avoid salt
  • Use boiled meat instead of frying
  • Avoid canned products

Physical activity to stay healthy

Those with an excess weight need to maintain their weight for optimum health. Staying physically fit is vital to promote better immune system and better health in return.

Sleep is important

Taking sound sleep will relieve mental and emotional stress that will promote your physical health.

Stop smoking

Using tobacco and nicotine products will do nothing but bad to your kidneys, heart, and lungs healthy. Hence, avoid smoking, cigar, and drugs if you are dependent on them,

Limit alcohol

Consuming excess alcohol can raise your blood pressure that may damage your kidneys. You can reduce the limit to one drink per day to prevent the burden on your kidneys. “Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment Naturally By Karma Delhi, India”.

Ayurvedic medicines

Ayurvedic kidney treatment naturally promotes kidney’s well being by including herbs and spices that are powerful empathetic to your kidneys. They intend to facilitate urine production and decrease fluid retention to avert various complications that kidney problem brings in your life. Being regular on your medications will allow your kidneys to stay functional.

Karma Ayurveda is one of the prestigious ayurvedic kidney hospitals in Delhi that offers ayurvedic kidney treatment to individuals around the globe. Our ayurvedic medicines have allowed us to heal thousands of kidney patients without depending on allopathic treatments such as dialysis or transplant. “Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment Naturally By Karma Delhi, India”.

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