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Papaya bad for high creatinine LEVEL !

Papaya bad for high creatinine LEVEL

The by-product of creatinine phosphate in the blood produced by the excess of metabolic activities is known as Creatinine. High creatinine levels can be detected and treated with the number of tests and treatments, respectively. There are few DIY or Ayurvedic treatments to reduce the high creatinine levels. Ayurvedic treatment includes dietary & lifestyle habits and a few herbal remedies. High creatinine levels can be treated by adopting and eliminating a few foods from your diet. One such food is papaya. Papaya has been a reason for the dispute between researchers. We have heard a lot of patients asking, “Is papaya bad for high creatinine level”?

Papaya is a tasty and nutritious fruit; it has numerous health benefits. It is sweet, but it is not famous for its sweetness. It is renowned for its component `pepsin.’ Pepsin is an important compound that improves the digestive system. But little did people know that the seeds of papaya are beneficial for reducing the high creatinine level. We want you to understand the maximum benefits that papaya can provide you with. So that you don’t have to ask the same question “Is papaya bad for high creatinine level” ever again.

Understanding the background of `Papaya bad for high creatinine level’

Why do people think that Papaya is bad for high creatinine level?

  • Papaya is a naturally sweet fruit and is not recommended to the kidney patient who is suffering from diabetes.
  • Papaya is not recommended to the kidney stones patients.
  • Overconsumption of Papaya may lead to an upset stomach.
  • Diarrhea is one of the common symptoms during kidney diseases. Having Papaya during diarrhea can only increase the problem.
  • Not with proven research, but it is often heard that people get constipated after consuming Papaya.

Papaya is such an exceptionally beneficial fruit to be eaten by kidney patients. Papaya seeds, papaya leaves have been used as a DIY / Home remedy for ages. Papaya is rich in fiber, carotene, vitamin, vitamin A, iron, sodium, zinc, and potassium. Loaded with natural medical properties, Papaya’s plant (the roots, bark, peel, seeds, and pulp) is a beneficial source for treating kidney diseases and other diseases.

Papaya keeps the kidneys healthy and acts as a lifesaver in various aspects of kidneys functioning. Here, we will be telling you about the benefits of Papaya in a compiled way:

It keeps the cardiovascular health secure:

The heart is responsible for transferring the blood to the body organs. It transports the blood with the help of arteries and veins, but at times they are blocked by the blood clot or other symptoms causing the obstructions in the functioning of blood flow. Papaya helps in blood circulation, which allows the kidneys to filter the wastes and toxins from the blood.

It improves digestion:

As told you earlier that the compound present in the papaya; `pepsin’ is beneficial in improving digestion. Rich in fiber, papaya allows a swift functioning of the digestive system. Papaya has been used by the granny and moms to treat the problem of constipation as a home remedy.

It relieves the high level of blood pressure:

Generally known as High blood pressure, Hypertension is the common cause of kidney diseases. Papaya can heal the problems associated with it. It is high in potassium that reduces the formation of sodium in the blood. Excess of sodium in the blood can develop blood clots in the blood. Consume only a cup of papaya once in a day.

How are papaya seeds not bad for high creatinine level?

Kidneys play a wide role in keeping the human body healthy. It filters the wastes and harmful toxins from the blood and body. They are also responsible for removing the excess salts and chemical acids generated by the consumption of chemical drugs and salts.

Consuming 15-20 papaya seeds in the morning with lukewarm water will prevent the kidneys from the following:

#1: Kidney Inflammation:

Papaya seeds have been used to reduce kidney inflammation, which is very common during kidney diseases.

#2: Urinary tract infection:

The most common infection co-related to kidney diseases. A person with kidney diseases will be at higher risk of getting caught by UTIs. UTI is common in women when they are pregnant. Hence it should be taken with the proper consultation of the gynecologist.

#3: Cancer:

Papaya seeds are a great source of antioxidants like lycopene that helps the radicals in turning as the healthy cells. Lycopene is the proven source to cure cancerous cells in the prostate, breasts, colon, and lungs.

#4: Kidney damage:

Potassium is a substantial source of filtration of wastes and toxins in the kidneys. Papaya is an excellent source of potassium that can help the kidneys in sifting the wastes & toxins. Papaya seeds will help in managing the free radicals to turn into healthy cells.

Consumption of Papaya seeds:

  • Include 15-20 fresh papaya seeds in the morning on an empty stomach and chew it for three weeks daily. Once you consume papaya seeds, drink 200-500 ml of water with the time gap of half an hour. It will help you in having a healthy process of digestion.
  • It is better to consume papaya seeds than to consume chemically made tablets.

What are the other methods in Ayurvedic treatment to lower creatinine levels?

Ayurvedic treatment is solely based on DIY and home remedies. Here are three common that we use to reduce the high creatinine level:

  • Dietary changes: Avoid foods that are frozen, spicy, oily, and processed. Eat fresh fruits & vegetables at maximum. Avoid the consumption of health supplements, drugs & alcohol. Drink plenty of water and homemade beverages that is soda and cola free.
  • Lifestyle changes: Indulge yourself in yoga, meditation, and mild exercises.
  • Use essential oils to lower high creatinine level. Essential oils like lemon oil, orange oil, fennel oil, etc. are the best source to lower high creatinine level.

Ayurvedic treatment is the only treatment by which we can eliminate chronic diseases and other diseases from the roots. Ayurvedic treatment is harmless and side-effect free. It is about herbal remedies and DIY remedies. It is inclusive of diet & lifestyle changes. This treatment is based on herbs and shrubs, yoga and meditation. Karma Ayurveda is one of the leading Ayurvedic institutions that are on a mission and a vision of making the world free from dialysis and renal transplants.

Established by Dr. Arjun Dev Dhawan in 1937; Karma Ayurveda has made a benchmark in the field of Ayurvedic medical practices. Dr. Puneet Dhawan is taking the Dhawan dynasty’s name ahead with the modern Ayurvedic practices with the same vision and mission set by his ancestor Dr. Arjun Dev Dhawan.

Disclaimer: Aforesaid information is for your reference only. Kindly consult your doctor before applying it to yourself.

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