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Proteinuria Treatment Guidelines, Diet, Diet Restrictions And Ayurvedic Treatment

Proteinuria Treatment Guidelines

It is very common to find kidney problems in middle and old age people, especially those suffering from diabetes and blood pressure; they are most likely to face problems like proteinuria. Proteinuria is a condition where the urine output contains a large and abnormal level of protein.  Although protein is essential for the body, an excessive amount can become difficult for the kidneys to filter. If the proteins overflow from the blood to urine it indicates damage in glomeruli.

Proteinuria Treatment Guidelines And Ayurvedic Treatment

Proteinuria condition in initial stages should be treated immediately. It is a serious medical condition but, you may not be able to see the symptoms until later stages. The first sign is the change in urine color and a foamy texture that form in your toilet when you urinate. Also, you can experience swelling in different body parts such as hands, feet, ankles, and abdomen. If the swelling is due to the accumulation of a large amount of protein in the body, it indicates the progress of kidney disease. So, to stop the disease from progressing further the patient must go for Ayurvedic treatment. “Polycystic kidney disease treatment diet recipes

Proteinuria Treatment Diet And Ayurvedic Treatment

A patient along with the Ayurvedic treatment should add Proteinuria Treatment Diet. One must analyze their current diet and make improvements for a healthy lifestyle. Depending upon your kidney condition, there are certain key points for foods for maintaining the health:-

  • One must lower down the sodium intake and avoid products with added salt like convenience food, canned soups, frozen dinners, fast foods, processed meats, and cheese.
  • One must intake lower potassium food like bananas, oranges, potatoes, and spinach. While you should replace it with fruits like apple, carrots, green beans and grapes.
  • One must strictly limit the amount of protein in their diet. High protein food such as meats, eggs, milk, butter, beans, and cheese should be strictly substituted with vegetables, fruits, cereals, and bread.

Proteinuria Diet Restrictions And Ayurvedic Treatment

While you are relying on the diet chart it is important to know the food that you strictly have to avoid. Given below is the list of some of the habits that you have to avoid:

  • One must restrict the alcohol consumption and completely cut out the smoking habit.
  • One must maintain a healthy weight and try to do regular exercise to lose extra calories.
  • One must not use any kind of over the counter drugs or pills for pain relief. Any kind of pain reliever can damage the kidneys further.
  • If you are having any other disease which can risk your kidneys, you must visit a good physician that can guide you with the kidney damage.

Ayurvedic Proteinuria Treatment

Ayurveda is the best treatment for the proteinuria as there are more chances of a permanent cure through natural methods in initial stages. Ayurvedic herbs have proven to reverse the process of kidney degradation. Ayurveda believes that kidney cells can revive itself with time and help of certain herbs. Karma Ayurveda since ages has proven this theory successful by treating thousands of kidney and liver patients. It is a clinic that provides wholesome wellness by treating patients with organic and unrefined herbs. The Ayurvedic medicines’ used in the treatment by Karma Ayurveda is sure to cure patients without any side effects. “proteinuria Ayurvedic treatment

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