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23 Jan 2018

Renal failure or kidney failure is the disease which occurs due to the non-functioning of the kidneys due to one or the other reason. Such a condition results in loss of kidney function and this can lead to building up of waste in the body. There are many reasons for a person to suffer from a kidney problem such as hypovolemia, acute dehydration, poor intake of fluids, excessive intake of medicines, and abnormal blood flow due to obstruction in the renal artery or vein, diabetes, and high blood pressure. “How to save yourself from fake and fraud kidney treatment, Karma Ayurveda Review”

Ayurvedic treatment in the modern day is the most preferred form of cure. It is highly effective and natural herbs used are completely free from any kind of side effects. Karma Ayurveda has earned the status of one of the best Ayurvedic treatment hub. The center provides wholesome wellness clinic and authentic Ayurvedic medicines to its patients. Karma Ayurveda has treated millions of patients since 1937.

Video Description:

The patient’s name is Ratna Kaji who is from Nepal and has been suffering from kidney problems for a long time. No allopathic medicines were improving his health, so he switched to Ayurvedic treatment.

The patient is in his old age

  • GFR- 16.3 ml/min
  • Swelling in the body

After treatment:

The patient started taking medicine course in Karma Ayurveda and religiously followed the medications. “How to save yourself from fake and fraud kidney treatment, Karma Ayurveda Review”

  • No swelling
  • Physically fit
  • GFR- 23.8 ml/min


After taking Karma Ayurveda treatment, one more patient was saved from dialysis. Dr. Puneet Dhawan advised a proper course of medications and a customized diet chart for the treatment. They have treated many kidney patients with complete Ayurveda.