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Stop your kidney problem with the best Ayurvedic hospital for kidney in India

best ayurvedic hospital for a kidney in India

Not properly taking care of your kidney can lead you to kidney damage. This is why it is imperative to begin your treatment with the best ayurvedic hospital for a kidney in India. The right ayurvedic specialist can guide you about the kind of kidney disease you are suffering from and which stage you are in so as, to begin with, the ayurvedic treatment.

Every organ in the body performs some specific task, for instance, a heart pumps out blood while your lungs help you in breathing. Similarly, your kidneys let you flush out toxins and waste from your body. Therefore, having a healthy kidney is important for your overall well-being. Any damage to the kidney causes the toxins to build up in the blood vessels making your body parts swell. If not treated, kidney disease can progressively lead you to end-stage renal failure or kidney failure for which you might need dialysis and transplant to stay alive. The best ayurvedic hospital for a kidney in India can help you eliminate the consequences of kidney failure without having the need to depend on dialysis.

What is the need for an ayurvedic treatment?

Kidney failure is a condition in which your kidney fails to work properly and cannot flush out the toxins. The waste then gets accumulated in the blood vessels and in the tissues hampering the way blood flows into other body parts. While there are treatment options available to cure kidney damage, too much dependency on them can harm your body. The effects of dialysis and transplant are not limited to physical illness but can also push you to the threshold of death because of the high antibiotics used.


Dialysis is a treatment that filters and purifies the blood using a machine. Using this treatment, your body maintains the required amount of fluids and electrolytes when kidneys cannot do their job. To remove fluids and waste from your body, an artificial mechanism is inserted into the body that cleanses the blood. However, there are numerous complications that are attached to dialysis. It can destroy your emotional well-being, and dependency on dialysis does not let you live a normal life.  Hence, the best kidney treatment in India works to reduce such conditions from your life.

Kidney Transplant

Some patients whose kidney has failed may qualify for a kidney transplant. During a kidney transplant, one or both the kidneys of the patient are replaced with kidneys from donors. However, a kidney transplant is not suitable for everyone as patients who are overweight, active to some infections cannot undergo a transplant. Further, you will need to take immune-suppressing to make your immune system adjustable to the new organ.

Hence, dialysis and transplant are not considered suitable for every patient. Further, in many cases, both the treatments have been proved fatal for some of the patients.

Seeing the complexity of the two treatments, Karma Ayurveda proposed an ayurvedic way to slow down your kidney damage. Since 1937, the center has been working progressively in eliminating the complications of dialysis from the lives of the patients. Currently, under the observation of Doctor Puneet Dhawan, a kidney specialist, the center has helped more than 35000 patients suffering from kidney damage.

How Ayurvedic treatment by karma Ayurveda can help you?

Karma Ayurveda has undergone various researches to study the effect of certain herbs on the human body.  Upon successful results, we have induced these herbs like Kaasni, Varun, Shirish, Punarnava and many more as a part of the ayurvedic kidney treatment. The best ayurvedic hospital for a kidney in India works on the underlying causes of the kidney problem and does not leave any complications on the body.

If you or your loved one is suffering from the complications of kidney disease, then approach Karma Ayurveda, we have a solution for every kidney problem.

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