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What are the symptoms of a non functional kidney? ayurvedic treatment

What are the symptoms of non-functional kidney

Unhealthy kidneys add to the unhealthy nature of the body. Our kidneys pump out excess of waste and unwanted fluids in the form of urine and do some other important regulatory functions for the body. Imagine what would happen if we cannot pee and hold urine for an extended time period. Eventually, you will have dangerous levels of fluids that should have been thrown out, in the blood. The body may feel sick, demanding treatment for the same. Sometimes, your doctor may advise you to take dialysis or organ transplant to maintain life. However, there are other treatments as well which promote better kidney function without bringing risk to your life. We will discuss that later on, but first, let us tell you more about the causes and symptoms of a non-functional kidney. Knowing about the symptoms will help you diagnose the condition in their initial stages. Symptoms Of A Non Functional Kidney? Ayurved Treatment“.

What causes your kidney problem?

Chronic kidney disease is the loss of kidney function over time. This condition does not happen all at once rather slowly over time. During CKD, the filters of the kidneys, called glomeruli and nephrons become damaged, thereby sieving out waste and unwanted substances along with the blood. FYI, there are more than 1.5 millions of nephrons present in a single kidney each performing its function. Following are the conditions that affect glomerulus ability to function properly:

  • High blood pressure: Spiked level of blood pressure harms the bloodstream that carries blood to the various parts of the kidney.
  • Diabetes: High blood sugar is the second leading cause of kidney disease after hypertension.
  • A family history of kidney disease: In some cases, kidney diseases are a genetic condition
  • Cardiovascular diseases: The risk of having kidney problem increases if you have one or more heart-related conditions. “Symptoms Of A Non Functional Kidney? Ayurved Treatment”.
  • Age over 60 or above: As you age, the filtering units called glomeruli starts to get weakened almost 1% of the total number every year.

What are the symptoms of a non-functional kidney?

In the initial days of the problem, the signs of disease do not become apparent to the patients. However, when they reach the late stage of CKD, he or she may notice the following signs:

  • Swelling in the hands or feet: When glomeruli get damaged, the body may not be able to get rid of extra waste which starts to accumulate in the blood. The minerals deposition in the blood causes swelling in the hands, feet, face, and around eyes.
  • Fatigued body: Healthy kidneys excrete a hormone called erythropoietin that is responsible for the production of oxygen-carrying RBCs. In the absence of RBCs, you feel weak or timid at times.
  • Panting: The body does not get enough oxygen when blood is impure and you do not have enough of the RBCs needed to sustain life. “Symptoms Of A Non Functional Kidney? Ayurved Treatment”.
  • Dry and Itchy skin: Due to fluid retention and minerals deposition from the body, your skin may cause you dryness or itchiness even after applying moisturizer.
  • Upset stomach: Waste build up in the body (uremia) can cause you to feel vomit all the time. However, this symptom alone should not be taken into consideration when diagnosing kidney disease.
  • Muscle cramps at night: Muscle cramps make it difficult for you to sleep at night. You feel irritated when you do not take enough sleep every night.
  • More urination frequency: Abdominal pain makes it difficult for you to urinate. You will feel a burning sensation or extreme pain when you pass urine, and often the pain is deadly but should not be confused with a kidney stone.
  • Foamy or bubbly urine: As kidneys leak protein when they fail, you will notice foamy or bubbly urine that looks like a scrambled egg when you watch out. “Symptoms Of A Non Functional Kidney? Ayurved Treatment”.

Kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda

In cases when kidneys lose their capability doctor advises patients to take dialysis in order to live longer. But it should be kept in mind that dialysis protocol does not extend life however lets the body to function properly as long as you are dependent on it. Dialysis and transplant are not a permanent solution to end kidney problems as they just help with blood purification only.

There is another treatment that can help your kidneys to restore their original function in an organic way. The Kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda lets you live healthily without involving any surgery but by taking ayurvedic medicines, a renal diet plan, and yoga postures. The herbal extracts promote urine production so that the toxins can be reduced down naturally. No matter, even if you are at the stage of kidney failure, ayurvedic medicines can still be taken at that time. “Symptoms Of A Non Functional Kidney? Ayurved Treatment”.

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