Will kidney failure cause hair loss
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Ones physical appearance becomes the main asset in the social sphere.  A maintained healthy body is directly proportional to the healthy organs. The small organs depict the nutritional status of the body, these small organs include our skin, nails, hair.  Any medical illness deteriorates the beauty of the body and the first one to affect are the hair, the skin, and the nails. Kidney health directly affects the nature of the hair. Changes in the body like hair loss or discoloration of the nails can be witnessed in people with chronic kidney disease or when kidneys are put to dialysis. Will kidney failure cause hair loss?


Like skin, hair also becomes abnormal and become brittle when the body suffers kidney failure.  Some people experience the breakage of hair or fall out of hair while combing. This can be an early sign of kidney disease. For some people, it happens after being on dialysis and for some before dialysis.


In normal cases there are three main factors that cause hair loss in kidney failure: Will kidney failure cause hair loss?

POOR NUTRITION: As is a  known fact that hair is made up of keratin, a protein. However, people suffering from renal failure are recommended to have a low protein diet because an excess of protein in the body increases the workload on the kidneys and can result in their further damage. This makes patients to completely eliminate protein from their diet that results in hair loss. A necessary amount of protein should be included in the diet to manage the basic function of repair.

LACK OF WATER: In case of kidney failure, kidneys are completely at the stage of dysfunction, there basic function to form urine is decreased than before. In such a case patients reduce their intake of water to avoid edema or water retention in the body. As a result of which hair loss tend to set in, and skin becomes dry and itchy.

MINERAL IMBALANCE: Zinc is an important mineral that functions to keep the hair, nail healthy. In the condition of kidney failure, there is a higher tendency of zinc deficiency in the body. This directly impacts the nature of the hair and make them rough and brittle. The imbalance of other micronutrients like calcium, iron, b complex minerals can also be a cause of hair loss in kidney failure.

There could be some medicines used prescribed in kidney failure treatment that can have the side effect of hair loss. Will kidney failure cause hair loss?


Hair loss could a temporary thing in dialysis treatment. In several months, hair tends to regrow as the condition improves and body get used to the treatment. Will kidney failure cause hair loss? There are some preventive measures that one should cater to slow down the hair loss incidence:

  • Avoid coloring the hair as it makes them harsh
  • Avoid tight rubber bands
  • Ask for hair thinning mask from your hairstylist
  • Have a moderate protein diet
  • Opt for the necessary vitamin in the renal diet

Will kidney failure cause hair loss?


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