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Ayurvedic Chronic Kidney Failure Treatment, Renal Disease

Kidney Disease or Chronic Kidney Failure according to Ayurveda is a reaction of blocked Mutravas strotas or Mutravaha strotas, the ones that control the inflow and outflow of liquid through the kidney.

Strota is the channel through which any fluid is carried throughout the body, and the one carrying the urine through kidney are mutravas or mutravaha strotas. The condition that differs in both the blocking conditions is if the blockage is in the strota that carries the blood from the kidney, then the patient will suffer from shrinkage of the kidney, but if the situation goes opposite and the strota carrying the fluid from the kidney gets blocked, then there will be swelling.

Kidney Disease Treatment

Karma Ayurveda, provide the patient with a Kidney disease treatment that not only gives them a temporary ease but focuses on the root of the cause and helps them recover through it thoroughly. Ayurveda provides a cure to the disease in a way that it doesn’t harm the body and leaves any side effects in a long run or long term use. Ayurveda has always been the most preferred way of dealing with any health condition as it provides a way to cure the disease without any other health condition coming up by the side as a side effect.

Allopathy is the artificial way of Kidney treatment, while Ayurveda is the natural and herbal way to get over the same disease and that makes it more preferable amongst the patients. Allopathy even makes it more painful to go through all the dialysis sessions.

Here, at Karma Ayurveda brings forward the Kidney treatment in India whose main focus is not just to give some sort of relief to the patient, but to focus on the root cause and make it better for future betterment. The herbs used for the Ayurvedic treatment are tested under the latest GMP facilities, making sure of their quality.The first thing that is taken care of is the GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate). If the GFR is considerably low with protein in the urine then it might take some time to recover. But with someone with a considerable higher GFR would recover soon and might not even need to go through dialysis.

A rejuvenated and healthy body is what everyone wishes for and we, here at karma Ayurveda can help you achieve that by the most natural ways.

Karma Ayurveda kidney treatment focuses on


RENAL TISSUE REPAIR is a process when the foremost step taken is to repair the damaged renal tissue as the blood Urea, and S.Creatinine levels are generally raised to dangerous levels in such conditions and are brought down by repairing damaged nephrons to the desirable extent.
ELECTROLYTE IMBALANCE MANAGEMENT maintains the levels of electrolytes like Sodium, Potassium, etc.
SERUM UREA MANAGEMENT focuses on maintaining the B.Urea levels of blood.
SERUM CREATININE MANAGEMENT is to restore the S. Creatinine levels of the patient to their normal value.

Allopathic treatments are:


This is a method to cleanse wastes and extra fluid by pumping the blood out of the body through a machine filtering it. It usually requires approximately 4 hours, three or four times a week followed by strict diet, medicines, and supplements.

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD):

It is a complex process in which a permanent tube is attached to the patient’s body filling in a cleansing liquid in the abdomen. PD patients must also follow diet restrictions though it is not as strict as Hemodialysis diets.

Kidney Transplant:

As the heading describes, it includes replacing the damaged kidneys with the new ones. In this process, the body might not accept the new kidney and can lead to worst situations.

Kidney Diseases we deal with

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Chronic Kidney Disease

Nephrotic Syndrome

Polycystic Kidney Disease

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