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Karma Ayurveda: Best Kidney Treatment In Ayurveda, Delhi, India -Dr. Puneet Dhawan

Best Kidney treatment In India

Best Ayurved Kidney Treatment In India, Delhi

Kidney related problems are very common due to High blood pressure, hypertension, and Diabetes. Being a silent organ of the body, kidney problems are very difficult to detect if we look for the symptoms in the physical sense.  With time, as the stage of the kidney disease develop the symptoms began to form and observing them becoming easy. But it is always advisable to start the treatment as early as possible in order to avoid any complications.

Let us see few symptoms of kidney disease are:

  • Large amount of protein in the diet
  • Fatigue
  • Tiredness
  • Swelling in the body
  • Joint pain
  • Urine color changes to foamy red color
  • Patient start urinating more often
  • Sleep disorder

With the physical symptoms on the body, doctors can check the condition of the kidney through tests also.

Best Ayurvedic Kidney Failure Treatment In India, Delhi – Dr. Puneet Dhawan

Urine Test called ACR:

In this test, the urine samples are taken to check the protein level in the body. This is termed as Albumin. There must be an accurate level of each mineral in the body for perfect functionality. If there is any excess of any mineral, it can also cause the problem to the patient. When there is an excess of protein in the body, the ACR test will find that and kidney disease can be indicated.

Blood Test to estimate your GFR:

In this test, the blood test sample is used for detecting the level of creatinine that comes for the muscle tissue. When the kidney is damaged, then the test shows the content of creatinine in the blood. Best Ayurvedic Kidney Disease treatment In Delhi, Indiacan be done with the use of these two tests.

After diagnosing the kidney related problem in the patient, it is always advisable to start the treatment as early as possible in order to recover easily. When the patient suffers from the early stages of kidney disease like CKD1 and CKD 2, the treatment is simple and require less time to recover. But on the other hand, if the patient is suffering from the renal failure stage of CKD4 and CKD 5, it becomes very difficult to cure.

Although, Ayurveda has proved that kidney can revive with time if they are treated with herbs and medication properly. There are many patients who have successfully cured of renal failure of CKD4 and CKD5 without Dialysis and transplant.

Karma Ayurveda is the most trusted Ayurvedic clinic that is best in delivering best Kidney treatment In India, Delhi through herbal procedures.

There are many tips that patients can use alongside with herbal medications to recover from kidney disease tribulations.

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