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Can Kidney Problems & Stone Cause Miscarriage? Ayurvedic Treatment.

Kidney Problems & Kidney Stone Cause Miscarriage?

It is a heaven on earth when you get to know that you are expecting. Women are privileged with this power but as they say “with great powers comes great responsibilities” and so does with pregnancy. During pregnancy, you have to be extra careful and attentive with what you are going to consume and if you are caught any disease, infection or deficiency. But what would happen to those who are already afflicted with a disease? Diseases like kidney stones, autoimmune diseases, inherited diseases, and chronic diseases can become a reason for miscarriage. But with this blog, we will tell you a major concern that is raised by the woman across the globe is “Can kidney problems cause miscarriage, ayurved treatment?

Can kidney stones become a cause of miscarriage?

What causes kidney stones in pregnancy?

Can high blood pressure during pregnancy cause miscarriage?

Is it possible for a woman to conceive when on dialysis?

Is it possible to conceive just after a kidney transplant?

It is not always necessary that if you are having kidney problems then it will eventually lead to miscarriage or abortion but if you get carefree about it then you may suffer from the pain of miscarriage.

Kidneys are responsible for multiple functions of the body but the main job is to keep the blood and body toxin-free. These are the little bean-shaped organs that play multiple pivotal roles in preventing human anatomy from diseases. But when kidneys get afflicted then they need to get treated as soon as possible with a type of treatment that can avoid further complications; a treatment like Ayurvedic treatment.

Few kidney diseases are inherited and others are chronic. Three types of kidney diseases have been detected that can be considered as a kidney problem during pregnancy:

  • Acute kidney disease
  • Chronic Kidney disease
  • Polycystic Kidney disease
  • Kidney Problem & Stone Cause Miscarriage, Ayurvedic Treatment

Acute kidney Disease:

Acute kidney disease is a type of disease that thumps the functioning of kidneys suddenly. It can arise within minutes and may stop functioning spontaneously.

Chronic Kidney Disease:

Chronic kidney disease is a type of disease that affects the kidneys functioning either from birth or in the past. Diseases like Glomerulonephritis, kidney stones, Vasculitis, and diabetic kidney disease are considered as Chronic Kidney Disease.

Polycystic Kidney Disease:

Polycystic Kidney Disease is a disease that may be inherited or may have arisen because of a genetic disorder in the body. During PKD, fluid-filled sacs or cyst on kidneys develop that are harmless until they do not grow in size or burst and cause infection.

But here we will talk about a few factors that will justify the topic “Can kidney problems cause miscarriage?” and they are:

  • Kidney stones during pregnancy
  • High blood pressure

Can kidney stones become a cause of miscarriage?

Kidney stones during pregnancy can give you fierce pain than childbirth pain. It is a cause of miscarriage and can be life-threatening if not treated. So here lies the question that if you are pregnant then choosing an operative idea would be good or a bad decision? We would say a bad one because, during pregnancy, the operation for stone removal can lead to miscarriage.

Kidney stones can be as small as the size of a mustard seed to the size of a golf ball. But as soon as the stone grows in size, they start building up space in kidneys that affect its functioning and damage the kidneys and the urinary system where the fetus is living. “Kidney Problem & Stone Cause Miscarriage, Ayurved Treatment”.

What causes kidney stones in pregnancy?

Following are the causes of kidney stones in pregnancy:

  • Dehydration
  • Overconsumption of calcium
  • Urine retention
  • Family inheritance
  • Increase in the uric acid level
  • Frequent renal system infections

Choose a wise treatment during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage. Listed below is the part of Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones during pregnancy:

  • Drink at least, 8 ounces water per day.
  • Consume fruits like peaches, blueberry & red grapes.
  • Avoid to consume pre-packed beverages and foods.
  • Drink fresh juices and beverages.
  • Drink lemonade & include lemon juice fresh to your salads.
  • Apple cider vinegar which is a strong source of acetic acid that to dissolve your kidney stones.
  • Basil juice one of the best which helps to break down all kidney stones, because it contains acetic acid.

Can high blood pressure during pregnancy cause miscarriage?

If you are both kidneys patient and pregnant then you have to be sensitive about your condition. If your blood pressure is increasing then it can make the kidney problem worse.

During pregnancy, a problem of high blood pressure is considered a pre-estimated effect in the third trimester. But if you were a Chronic Kidney Disease patient before conceiving then it can put an adverse impact on the fetus or embryo. Having high blood pressure throughout the pregnancy can affect the proper growth of an unborn child or may cause miscarriage.

Following are the remedies recommended by Ayurvedic nephrologists for the prevention of miscarriage because of kidney problems:

  • Take a glass of fresh peach juice; add teaspoon coriander and a pinch of cardamom. Drink this once in a day and it will help in bringing down the elevated levels of blood pressure. “Kidney Problem & Stone Cause Miscarriage, Ayurved Treatment”.
  • Try to include cucumber in your diet as salad or raita, it will help you in bringing down the levels of blood pressure naturally.
  • Include garlic in the foods you eat, it is a helpful agent to bring down the blood pressure in normal ranges.
  • Seek an Ayurvedic nephrologist to confirm whether to consume herbs like Punarnava, Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, and Trikatu or not.

Is it possible for a woman to conceive when on dialysis?

With frequent changes in the blood and insertion of surgical types of equipment, it is difficult for a woman to conceive. The reasons behind this are kidneys are going through a lot of changes and the counts of Red Blood Cells decreases and essential nutrients also lack in the blood.

Women who are undergoing dialysis usually suffer from anemia and even have hormonal changes. These changes often disturb the menstrual process and lack of essential nutrients like iron, folic acid, calcium, protein, etc.

So, it is a piece of cautionary advice that women who are having kidney problems should not try to conceive during dialysis. If you do, then your kidney problems can cause miscarriage and bring a lot of complications along.

If you really wish to have a baby or you have already conceived then switch to Ayurvedic treatment for kidney diseases that will help in swift recovery without leaving side effects and affecting the baby’s growth. “Kidney Problem & Stone Cause Miscarriage, Ayurved Treatment”.

Is it possible to conceive just after a kidney transplant?

It is possible to conceive after a kidney transplant but for that, you will have to wait for two years. You need to let your new kidney to adjust with the body and adaptations should be done accordingly.

After a transplant, you can experience regular menstrual cycles and good health. But it is not recommended to conceive just after the transplant. If you do you will be increasing the risk of miscarriage or may get your fetus growth affected.

If you are planning to conceive then you should have the consent of your nephrologist and gynecologist first. If he permits you with a healthy body then you may conceive.

The bottom line:

Kidney problems are a drastic change in the human body. But it can be a drastic and dangerous change if diagnosed during pregnancy. Having kidney problems can cause miscarriage and may cost the lives of both the mother and the fetus.

Diseases like Polycystic Kidney Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease are the types of kidney diseases that are likely to hit the functioning of the human body. The problem of high blood pressure and kidney stones can affect the growth of the fetus by affecting the urinary system. “Kidney Problem & Stone Cause Miscarriage, Ayurved Treatment”.

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