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Does Acute Renal Failure Cause Pain?

Does Acute Renal Failure Cause Pain

Acute renal failure is a condition when a kidney suddenly stops functioning. The doctor also terms this condition Acute Kidney failure. It can happen in a sudden few hours or days. The condition can be reversed effectively if you don’t have any other health condition on giving appropriate treatment. 

The kidney’s main function is to filter the waste out of the blood. They take out extra fluid from the blood and manage blood pressure. The kidney helps in making red blood cells. They adjust electrolytes and start with Vitamin D as well. 

The organ doesn’t work well when they are damaged. The issue may occur as a result of another health concern like diabetes. A decrease in Kidney function that happens over time is known as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

Acute Renal Failure Signs and Symptoms

Patients suffering from acute renal failure may experience pain or stress in the chest. While in some other conditions, renal failure can bring painful urination, lower back pain, and so on.

Some individuals may not encounter such symptoms. The signs may vary from person to person. 

Other common symptoms of ARF involve –

  • Swelling surrounds the eyes and legs and ankles.
  • Less urine passes out. 
  • Tiredness.
  • Vomiting.
  • Shortness of breath. 
  • Bewilderment.
  • Coma, or seizure in complex cases.

Types of pain from acute renal failure

pain from acute renal failure

Acute renal failure and its complications can lead to pain in several cases. Let’s identify the spot and learn how painful Acute Kidney Failure would be. 

Lower back pain

Sometimes researchers associate ARF with Kidney stone formation, which can lead to lower back pain concerns. But usually, a Kidney stone formation is deep and happens on one side of the back. 

Kidney pain

Doctors usually do not link Kidney pain with ARF condition, as its probability to happen in several things like Urinary tract infections (UTIs), injuries to kidneys, and infection. The kidney is present on one each side of the spine and below the ribcage. So, a person can feel the pain on either side or both sides of the back.  

It happens in lower back pain, where kidney pain is usually dull and aching. This may even get worse if a person applies pressure on the area.

Chest pain

Chest pain or pressure is a common symptom of acute kidney failure. The lining of the cardiac epidermis. surrounding the heart may become swollen and bring pain and strain to the chest. 

Kidneys sustain proper fluid levels in the body. Therefore, fluid may also mount inside the lungs, which can cause breathing difficulty. 

Loin pain

ARF likewise, Kidney stones cause pain in the loin region which can occur in the groin area. The pain is sudden, extreme, and swings ( come and go).

Painful urination

ARF patients usually encounter painful urination as it is more likely to happen. The Kidney infection causes a burning sensation happens during urination, while a kidney stone causes intense pain during urination. 

Several complications of Acute Kidney failure

Acute renal failure can bring several possible complications that can cause pain. The complication involves –

  • Hyperphosphatemia – It is a medical condition that enables the inclusion of excessive phosphate in the blood. This can cause bone pain. 
  • Hyperkalemia – Acute renal failure can cause hyperkalemia. In this condition, excessive potassium is present in the blood, causing chest pain. These arrhythmias lead to a heart attack. 
  • Pulmonary edema – In this condition, fluid accumulates in the lungs, which can bring several symptoms like chest pain. 
  • Metabolic acidosis – Acid accumulating in the kidney causes metabolic acidosis. This can bring a variety of symptoms, like headaches. 
  • Heart failure – ARF advances to heart failure, which can bring chest pain and different other symptoms. 


Acute Kidney failure causes pain in some people. Chest pain is a common pain a patient experiences. This happens because of inflammation in the lining borders of the heart or by the formation of fluids in the lungs. 

Conditions linked with ARF, like kidney infection or Kidney stones, also cause pain, including lower back pain, painful urination, and loin pain. 

Not every people with Arenal renal failure witness pain, while some may encounter different types of pain. Anyone with signs of renal failure should consider a doctor as soon as possible as the condition scan can worsen. Considering the acute renal failure causes, the doctor recommends the treatment for the disease.

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