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Karma Ayurveda Reviews
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10 May 2018

Patient Paragmoy Hazra Reviews

Among the most subtle and important of the many toxic threats to the kidneys are the excess amounts of proteins that are consumed by the average person who eats our rich American foods. The daily intake of more proteins than the body really needs means that the excess must be eliminated through the kidneys. We’re equipped with no storage depots for proteins, as we are for fats. Karma Ayurveda Reviews

The best treatment for someone having kidney trouble is a low protein, low fats, low sodium, low phosphates, and cholesterol-free diet. Potassium (high in fruits and vegetables) needs to be limited as the kidney disease progresses. Someone with a serious degree of the disease should unquestionably be under the care of a competent Ayurveda specialist. Dr. Puneet Dhawan is one of the well-known names in Ayurveda industry. He has years of experience and has treated many kidney patients with his expertise. He is running a wholesome wellness brand which has been treating kidney patients worldwide. “Karma Ayurveda Reviews”

About Patient:

Paraguay Hazra is from Calcutta and the first time he went to the hospital, the doctor said one kidney is damaged and 2nd kidney is 5% working. Due to the consultation of the doctor, he started dialysis and was going on three times for dialysis, no improvement due to dialysis. He provided the reports from The Medica Super Specialty Hospital while on dialysis in which the creatinine level was 6-7 and suffered a lot of weakness during dialysis.

Improvements due to Karma Ayurveda treatment:

Later when there were no results, he switched to Ayurveda. He started the Karma Ayurveda medicines course in February. After just one month of report, the doctor suggested that there is no need for dialysis since March and the body is feeling healthy. The high improvement due to Aushadis provided by Karma Ayurveda, Paraguay has been feeling an improvement in kidneys. His GFR has improved drastically with a reduced creatinine to 3-4 range. Surprisingly he has switched to switched to once a month in February and later no dialysis.

He is now physically fit to carry on with his normal life. He has gone back to his regular routine like fishing and doing other days to day activity. He followed the continuous prescription of medicine course along with the diet chart provided by Karma Ayurveda has led to improvement in the health of the kidneys. “Karma Ayurveda Reviews”

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