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Looking for Ayurvedic treatment for Stage four renal failure?

stage four renal failure

A person who is suffering from Stage four renal failure has high-level kidney damage with a critical decrease in the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) to 15-30 ml/min. Stage 4 CKD patient needs Ayurvedic treatment from Karma Ayurveda. At this stage, it is very necessary to reduce the loss of kidney function by following the treatment plan and handling other problems like high blood pressure or heart disease. With the herbal ayurvedic medicines a stage 4 CKD patient can secure his life. When you have stage 4 CKD, it is essential to consult a doctor like Dr. Puneet Dhawan who specializes in treating kidney diseases.

Major symptoms of stage four renal failure:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Fluid retention, swelling (edema) of extremities and shortness of breath.
  3. Urination changes like foamy; dark orange, brown, tea-colored or red if it contains blood; and urinating more or less than normal.
  4. Kidney pain appeared in their back
  5. Sleep difficulties due to muscle cramps or restless legs.
  6. Bad breath due to urea buildup in the blood
  7. Nerve problems like numbness or tingling in the toe and fingers are one of the symptoms of CKD.
  8. Nausea and vomiting
  9. Taste changes and a kind of metallic taste come in the mouth.
  10. Loss of appetite like some people cannot feel like eating.
  11. A problem in concentrating like having difficulty doing everyday tasks such as balancing a checkbook or focusing on reading newspapers can happen.

What you can do being at stage four renal failure?

It is suggested that people in Stage four renal failures require to hold their blood pressure at a healthy level and those with diabetes require having their glucose level under control. If you are experiencing stage 4 CKD, then you should consult to the ayurvedic doctor because Ayurveda is the only way which provided you with the option to control your blood pressure and diabetes without depending on artificial and chemical medicines. Following is the healthy diet to consist for stage 4 CKD patients:

  1. Decrease protein from your diet if you want to decrease the buildup of protein waste.
  2. Start consuming some grains, fruits, and vegetables rich in potassium, and phosphorus is at normal levels.
  3. If your blood levels are above normal then start restricting potassium. You have to lower your calcium consumption if you want to cure your Stage four renal failure.
  4. For lower cholesterol start decreasing saturated fats.
  5. If your blood levels are high, then you have to limit your calcium level.
  6. Start taking water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C at least 100 mg per day, and vitamin B complex.

Get the right solution from Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda

In addition to eating right, regular exercise and not smoking are helpful for a patient who is suffering from stage four renal failure, and he has to take Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney to maintaining health. Patients can consult Dr. Puneet Dhawan about their treatment for damage kidney and tips he or she can follow for a healthy kidney.

A patient who is suffering from kidney failure has to eat a proper diet and go for Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment in Karma Ayurveda where the consulting person will help preserve kidney function and overall health. Karma Ayurveda has been serving more than 35,000 kidney patients and still working well for the people who do not aware about their kidney disorders. To live a healthy and wealthy lifestyle, we have to work hard for our body and that is why if you have any issues related to your kidney then consults to Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda.

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