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Kidneys are bean-shaped fist-sized organs, located on either side of the spine in the lower back. They are held responsible for flushing out waste in the form of urine. Kidneys are generally two in number in a normal human body. Around 1.5-2 liters of urine is formed by the kidneys in 24 hours. Kidneys centrally produce urine through which many bodily wastes are excreted out. “What is the best drink to flush your kidneys?”


The size of the kidney is contrary to its functions. Kidneys perform various important functions that make the body clean and disease free. These include:

  • Filtering the blood
  • Maintaining the levels of sodium, chlorine and potassium (electrolytes)
  • Help in the absorbtion and reabsorbtion of calcium from the bones and kidneys respectively
  • Assist in the production of red blood cells
  • Maintain the levels of blood pressure and the volume of blood

Kidneys when start to lose their efficiency in doing justice to their duties they are termed as diseased. “What is the best drink to flush your kidneys?” Kidney disease can result in the building up of waste inside the body leading to various other problems.


Ayurveda claims that kidneys cells have the tendency to rejuvenate after a certain period of time. It uses nature-based products that help in the fastening the process and clearing off the toxic build up in the organs.

Following are some special drinks that assist in flushing the kidneys:

  • CRANBERRY JUICE: Cranberries help to fight against urinary tract infections and cleansing the kidneys with excess calcium oxalates.
  • BEET JUICE: It antioxidant properties help to clear off the buildup of calcium phosphate and struvite in the kidneys. It also decreases the possibility of kidney stones. “What is the best drink to flush your kidneys?”
  • GARLIC DRINK: Garlic helps to increase the immunity and cleansing off the kidneys and the liver. This natural diuretic forces excess sodium and water out from the body and while keeping it healthy.
  • WINE: Moderate consumption of wine does wonders for kidney and heart patients. It helps to urinate more and flush the kidneys.
  • WATER: The consumption of water helps in flushing out the kidneys, transporting nutrients to the body cells and maintaining the temperature of the body. Water is an easily accessible drink that facilitates healthy kidneys.
  • LEMON JUICE: This citric drink helps in clearing off the toxins in the kidneys and reducing the possibility of developing kidney stones in the organ. “What is the best drink to flush your kidneys?”
  • BERRY SMOOTHIE: Any member of berry family helps in reducing inflammation and resolving the problem of kidney disease easily.
  • DANDELION TEA: Dandelion leaves are rich in flavonoids that help in cleansing the blood and detoxify the organs.
  • CARROT JUICE: Carrot juice fight against cancer and removes toxic material from the kidneys.
  • COCONUT WATER: This refreshing drink is the best medicine for kidneys in keeping them hydrate and moving.
  • PINEAPPLE SMOOTHIE: The bromelain enzyme in the pineapple helps to pacify the inflammation caused in the kidneys due to kidney disease. “What is the best drink to flush your kidneys?” It promotes smooth and systematic function to the organ.
  • APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: AVD act as a detox drink for the body making it disease free and healthy. It also prevents the recurring instance of kidney stones.

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