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How to cleanse your kidneys naturally?

How to cleanse your kidneys naturally?

Kidneys are amongst our most essential organs, and they help digest everything you put into your stomach such as food, alcohol, medications, etc. Kidneys keep our body healthy and for their good health, we need to help them and give them rest from time to time. Kidneys regulate the number of fluids in our body. Kidneys also create several fundamental hormones. Kidneys work every day detoxifying the blood and throwing waste toxins out in the form of urine and also balance electrolytes, regulate minerals, like calcium, and help support healthy blood pressure. With all this work to perform and with many chemicals in our environment, one in three Indian is at risk of forming kidney failure in their lifetime. It is essential to take some natural steps to cleanse your kidneys naturally so, that your kidneys can work well without any problem. Following are some steps for-

How to cleanse your kidneys naturally?

  1. Eat watermelon – It is a kind of fruit with more than 90 percent water, which provides necessary fluids the body needs during kidney cleanse. Watermelon counted as a diuretic, stimulating urine flow that helps to eliminate toxins from the kidneys. To cleanse your kidneys naturally, you should eat watermelon in a day.
  2. Reduce solid foods intake – To cleanse your kidneys naturally, it is important to reduce solid foods intake and start consuming more amount of liquids. Solid foods may cause you constipation which can become the reason for kidney failure.
  3. Take ayurvedic herbs – There are several ayurvedic herbs you can use to cleanse your kidneys naturally. Green tea, lemon tea, Tulsa green tea, Aloe-Vera juice, Neem juice, and more herbs can clean wastes from kidneys.
  4. Spinach – In terms of solid food, you can eat spinach because it is kind of food that has the ability to cleanse the kidney effectively. It is high with vitamins and certain antioxidants that help cleans your kidneys and the entire body. If you do not work to clean your kidneys then, it may cause you Kidney Failure Treatment in the future.

What are the signs of kidney failure?

Because your kidneys are not clean, this may be the reason that your kidneys are not healthy enough to filter wastes. Maybe you are suffering from kidney failure but, you are not aware of that. So, following are some signs of kidney failure-

  1. A problem in urination – Most of the time the problems related to urine in the end, happens because of kidney failure. If you want to pee more often especially at night that can be the sign that your kidneys are not clean enough to filter wastes. When you find blood cells in your urine, it will be the first sign of kidney failure.
  2. Swelling in legs, ankles, and feet – When the kidneys are not working well and not able to release wastes from your body that means your kidneys failed. Swelling only happens due to the high amount of water in the body and high blood pressure (which is one of the reasons for kidney failure).
  3. Diabetes can harm your kidneys – A person with high diabetes should cleanse your kidneys naturally because of the high amount of sugar in their body may cause kidney failure.

Why choose ayurvedic kidney treatment?

  1. No side effects – If you want to live a healthy life without any problems like low blood pressure, nausea, fatigue, itchy skin, and low immunity power then, ayurvedic natural herbs is best for kidney patients.
  2. Not much expensive – You may know that dialysis or transplantation charge a lot of amounts which everyone cannot afford but, ayurvedic treatment from Karma Ayurveda did not charge a large amount of money. With the help of natural herbs, Dr. Punnet Dhawan healed many kidney patients.

For healthy kidneys, it is necessary for everyone to cleanse their kidneys naturally without using harmful artificial medicines. Ayurveda provides you with the option to use natural herbs and natural tips to clean your kidneys and stay away from kidney failure. Karma Ayurveda is providing kidney treatments from since, 1937 and cured more than 35000 patients. Use natural herbs, practice yoga, eat watermelon, and avoid solid foods to cleanse your kidneys naturally.


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