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Chronic renal failure

Chronic kidney disease usually damages the kidneys slowly and signs may not appear until the disease advance to a later stage. In the late stages of CKD, as you are nearing kidney failure (ESRD), the condition of the body changes as the waste and extra fluid starts building up in the body. CKD is the most common condition among middle and old age people.

Respiratory system disorders are one of the most common complications in end-stage chronic kidney failure patients on hemodialysis. There is a relationship between pulmonary function and fluid status in hemodialysis patients. Mostly dialysis patients face these problems when during the treatment. How Does Chronic Renal Failure Affect The Respiratory System.


Mostly diabetic and hypertension patients are likely to develop the chronic kidney disease. The other reasons such as genetic disorder, kidney stones, urinary tract infection, cancer or tumor, nephrotic syndrome and polycystic kidney disease are some of the other reasons for kidney failure.

Respiratory problems and other symptoms

Distinctive respiratory system symptoms lead to breathing problems such as shortness of breath, ammonia smell in the mouth and in case of patients suffering from acidic problems usually faces difficulty in breathing and have long and deep breaths.

Chronic kidney disease is a slowly progressive disease and the major signs and symptoms can be seen only in the advanced stages. The common signs that a patient experiences are nausea, lethargy, back pain, muscle cramps and twitches, itchiness in the skin, severe headaches, a decrease in appetite, frequent urge to urinate and weakness. How Does Chronic Renal Failure Affect The Respiratory System.

Diagnosis and immediate treatment

There are certain important lab tests such as blood-urine and imaging test, and kidney sampling that a patient should take. These tests help in determining the BUN-creatinine ratio, protein and any physical injury to the kidneys. Once the test confirms the stage of kidney disease, an immediate treatment follows.

The most commonly accepted treatment is dialysis and kidney transplant. Both of these treatments are only a temporary solution and only expand the life of the disease for a short time. Such treatment doesn’t treat the disease and you still have the possibility of getting the disease. “How Does Chronic Renal Failure Affect The Respiratory System”.

Ayurveda and healthy diet

According to Ayurveda, any kind of illness is originated from the Doshas. Ayurvedic medicines make use of natural herbs and techniques to cure any disease related to these Doshas. A balanced diet along with herbal treatment is important for preventing any further damage to the kidneys. Packed and processed food should be strictly avoided and should be substituted with freshly cooked meals. Low sodium content should be used in the diet as it elevates the blood pressure. One must choose a lean source of protein and consume it in the right quantity. Fat and cholesterol should be reduced in the diet. Low-salt food can help in reducing the swelling in the body. How Does Chronic Renal Failure Affect The Respiratory System.

Karma Ayurveda is one of the authentic herbal kidney failure treatment centers. It was started in 1937 and since then has been treating all types of kidney diseases. They use purely herbal and natural techniques to treat their patients. They have successfully treated many patients from all over the world. “How Does Chronic Renal Failure Affect The Respiratory System”.