Is kidney disease degenerative
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Kidneys play a central role in the removal of waste and toxins out of the body. They cleanse the body and make it disease free by expelling all the harmful toxins and excess water and maintaining the correct level of acid-base balance. In a human body, there are 2 kidneys located on both sides of the spinal cord just under the ribcage. They are small in size just as the size of the fist. These are bean-shaped organs whose job majorly affects the other organ systems of the body.   Kidneys when do not perform their function in an efficient manner they are said to be diseased. Kidney disease is a common problem seen in many people. Is kidney disease degenerative?


There are different kidney related problems seen in people. Kidneys when are unable to carry out their basic function, they said to be suffering from a disease. There are various types of kidney diseases discussed below:

Acute kidney failure: It is an abrupt shut down of kidney function. This condition is caused due to the insufficient blood supply to the kidneys, accident, injury.

Chronic kidney failure: It is also called as chronic kidney disease. It is a prolonged compromised kidney function over several months or years. This condition involves 5 stages determined on the bases of glomerular filtration rate of the kidneys. Chronic kidney failure is said to be a silent killer because in the early onset there are no symptoms noticed.  But when the condition is flared up there are various signs that become well indicative of the stage of the kidney damage. Is kidney disease degenerative?

The five stages are:

Stage 1 – a normal GFR equal to or more than 90 milliliters per minute

Stage 2 – a slightly decreased GFR between 60 and 89 milliliters per minute

 Stage 3 – a mild to moderate decrease in GFR between 30 and 59 milliliters per minute

Stage 4 – a severe decrease in GFR between 15 and 29 milliliters per minute

Stage 5 – end-stage kidney disease, GFR decreases to 15 milliliters per minute per or below

Other diseases include kidney stones, glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, polycystic kidney disease (an inherited and autoimmune kidney disease). All these diseases when are prolonged after a specific period of time they lead to the initial stage of chronic kidney disease which if not treated in time results in kidney damage or kidney failure. Is kidney disease degenerative?


There are various of symptoms witnessed in stage 3 and 4 that when not treated can result in complete kidney loss or kidney failure. these symptoms involve :

  • Nocturia – frequent urination
  • edema in the legs and puffiness around the eyes (fluid retention)
  • hypertension /high blood pressure
  • fatigue and weakness
  • Anorexia/loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting
  • itching, easy bruising, and pale skin
  • palpitation/shortness of breath from fluid accumulation in the lungs
  • headaches
  • numbness in limbs
  • chest pain
  • bleeding
  • bone pain and fractures
  • decreased sexual interest and erectile dysfunction Is kidney disease degenerative?


Kidney diseases are degenerative in nature. Kidney related problems including acute kidney disease, chronic kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease or even kidney stones affect the normal functioning of the organ. In case of any disease, kidneys lose their vital working power and compromise in even its basic urine formation task. Is kidney disease degenerative?  Any prolonged kidney disease results in affecting its cells that finally lead to kidney failure.


Ayurveda is an ancient technique of India that treats all the body related problems with the use of organic naturally grown herbs and medicated plants. It accepts the fact that their treatments are time-consuming but are confident about the fact that they do result positively with 100% success rate. Is kidney disease degenerative?


KARMA AYURVEDA is an opportunity given by DR. Puneet DHAWAN in providing his best of ayurvedic knowledge in treating all kind of kidney related issues. This hospital admits the fact that kidneys revive itself once are treated with right kind of medicines. Dialysis or a kidney transplant is a short-term cure that won’t fetch anything but so many other health problems with it.