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What Are The Causes Of Kidney Disease In Children? Ayurved Treatment Delhi, India

kidney disease in children

Kidney diseases create a situation due to which the kidneys are not able to filter and eliminate waste products from our body through the urine. This situation not only occurs in old age but can also happen at a very young age. Nowadays the causes of kidney disease in children are very common because of the unhealthy and hectic lifestyle. This is the reason why our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi advice all to include yoga in our daily routine to stay safe from hazardous diseases. Causes Of Children Kidney Disease & Ayurved Treatment In Delhi, India“.

Increased anxiety in children due to peer pressure, unhealthy eating, and lifestyle changes have added to the problem. Children are discovering ways to improve ever increasing nervous tension and in the end, pushing themselves to the circumference where they end up having an unhealthy lifestyle. The outcome is nothing but increased, cardiovascular disorders, and the cause of kidney disease in children.

The Causes of Kidney Disease In Children & Its Ayurved Treatment:-

Here are some of the fundamental causes of kidney disease in children:

  1. High blood pressure – Yes, you may be considering that this disease cannot possibly occur in children, but in the 21st century, everything is possible. High blood pressure is the leading cause of kidney disease which mostly happens due to an unhealthy diet. High blood pressure damages the blood vessels of the body including that of the kidneys. In order to decrease high blood pressure, make an effort to diminish salt in meals as sodium is accountable for increased blood pressure.
  2. Diabetes – Again, yes type1 diabetes also happens in children because of the increasing desire for junk food. Nowadays children like to play games on the Smartphone instead of playing outside, which became one of the reasons behind developing hazardous diseases in them. The high blood sugar level is counted as one of the most susceptible causes of kidney disease in children. Type 1diabetes is common in children, and resultant, kidneys get damaged when there is a high blood sugar level for an extendable time.“Causes Of Children Kidney Disease & Ayurved Treatment In Delhi, India”.
  3. Consumption of dark-colored soda– The children who consume an excess of bicarbonate drinks are at higher risk of having a kidney stone that does not let the blood to be filtered appropriately. On the other side, drinking more than two colas a day either artificially sweetened or regular is correlated with a double risk of getting chronic kidney disease. There are a lot of children, who are taking kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda because they didn’t follow a sound eating regimen.
  4. Dehydration – This situation occurs due to the lack of water in the body. Nowadays children choose to drink cold drinks either diet cold or regular instead of water or sugarcane juice. This may cause urinary tract infection and kidney damage. It is essential for the children to drink at least 2 to 2.5-liter water a day to stop fluid retention and thereby, to stay safe from kidney-related problems.“Causes Of Children Kidney Disease & Ayurved Treatment In Delhi, India”.
  5. Smoking – Children smoke because they find it cool. On the other side, smoking is not a cool habit, it can cause kidney related problems. The side effects of smoking are not only related to the lungs and heart but known as one of the causes of kidney disease in children because it affects the kidneys as well. In fact, the children who smoke are at a higher risk of kidney disorders as compare to children with hypertension and diabetes.
  6. Junk foods- Yes, it is the main factor that affects the health of children. The packed and junk food which children eat is a package full of fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. It not only harms your kidneys but suspects you with other hazardous diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, and weakens the immune system.“Causes Of Children Kidney Disease & Ayurved Treatment In Delhi, India”.
  7. Foods rich in protein– If any children found protein in the urine that means he or she has proteinuria problem due to unhealthy kidneys. To prevent this problem, they need to avoid consuming meat (especially red meat), fish, and eggs because they make it hard for their kidneys to eliminate waste products from the body.

Why children should take kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda?

There is only one reason behind this – Allopathic treatments don’t provide a permanent solution for kidney-related problems. This is one of the most common reasons why kidney patients choose to take kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda instead of Allopathic treatment. People are not satisfied with the results of Allopathic treatment like dialysis or a kidney transplant. Both of them are man-made procedures which only work on to prevent the symptoms of kidney diseases instead of healing them of their roots. On the other side, kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda provided by Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda utilizes natural herbs, yoga stances and sound eating regimen to heal kidney-related illnesses and its causes.

In case, if your children are suffering from kidney-related diseases and conditions, then consult Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda to get kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda and let him live a disease-free healthy life.“Causes Of Children Kidney Disease & Ayurved Treatment In Delhi, India”.

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