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Why people prefer to take medicine in Ayurveda for renal failure?

medicine in Ayurveda for renal failure

ESRD occurs when the damage to your kidneys proceeds to get critical and your kidneys are not able to do its job. End-Stage kidney disease or ESRD, in short, is the last stage of chronic kidney disease. The word renal relates to kidneys. Therefore, kidney failure and renal failure are the same – when the kidney function underneath 10% to 15% it’s the time to take renal replacement therapy (dialysis or transplantation) to stay alive. For more people, kidney failure happens after years of experiencing chronic kidney disease. Renal failure is the platform when the kidneys are not able to work as well as they required for the maintenance of the body. To get the proper treatment for renal failure, you may try to take dialysis but, nowadays many patients are looking for the medicine in Ayurveda for renal failure. Ayurveda has the durability and ability to heal the end-stage-renal-failure with the use of natural herbs. Let’s go further and understand the causes of renal failure –

What are the causes of end-stage renal disease (ESRD)?

Diabetes – The people with high sugar level are the most common targets of end-stage renal disease. High blood sugar damages the blood vessels in your kidneys which is why the medicine in Ayurveda for renal failure is necessary to prevent the damage and to control high blood sugar.

High Blood Pressure – It’s counted as the most common cause of end-stage renal disease which happens because of unhealthy food habits such as oily food, or spices. There are some more reasons for high blood pressure like tension, sleep problems, anxiety, and overweight. High blood pressure is a very common problem, and that is why people prefer to take medicine in Ayurveda for renal failure.

An autoimmune disease – Lupus and IgA nephropathy are a type of autoimmune disease that causes kidney failure. Both of them look very insignificant but, they can harm your kidneys in a way that you need ayurvedic medicines for kidney disease.

Following are the symptoms of renal failure –

Fluid retention, causing swelling in legs, ankles or feet – These are some of the minor symptoms of end-stage renal disease. Swelling in legs and feet is very prevalent in humans, and it can happen because of high blood pressure, and high sugar level. The people with these symptoms are taking treatment for renal failure from Dr. Puneet Dhawan Kidney Specialist At karma Ayurveda.

Weakness and Shortness of Breath – Both of them are the symptoms of renal failure. These are the symptoms which only occur when your body is not healthy because your kidneys are not working in a way to provide your body with a healthy substance. To prevent the symptoms and causes of ESRD people has been taking Medicine in Ayurveda for renal failure.

Urinary Problems – A person with healthy kidneys urinates between six and eight times in a 24-hour but, a person with weak kidneys may urinate more than eight times. Urinary problems are the only symptoms which indicate that your kidneys are healthy enough to filter wastes or want medicine in Ayurveda for renal failure.

Why in India, kidney patients prefer to take medicine in Ayurveda for renal failure?

Ayurvedic medicines are free from side effects – There are many kidney patients who prefer to consume medicine in Ayurveda for renal failure because of its advantages. There are no such side effects of natural herbs like itchy skin, low blood pressure, sleep problems, poor appetite, lack of concentration and more.

Ayurvedic medicines treat stress and anxiety – Both of them are the reasons behind high blood pressure and high sugar level which are the main causes of kidney failure or disease. Over the past decades, ayurvedic medicines known as the best kidney treatment in India because it naturally treats anxiety and stress.

Ayurvedic medicines not only mean herbs – Meditation, Yoga, and a healthy diet are the three more parts of ayurvedic medicine. The person who practices these three things will always stay safe from renal failure. By doing yoga and meditation, you will resolve problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, stress, fatigue, urination problems, depression, and kidney disorders.

Get the abiding solution for renal failure from Karma Ayurveda –

Karma Ayurveda has been working from since 1937 to healed kidney patients who almost lose their hope for living. Dr. Puneet Dhawan, the co-founder of Karma Ayurveda, has successfully helped to save the life of 35000 plus people with the end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Karma Ayurveda is the only ayurvedic kidney treatment center which made medicine in Ayurveda for renal failure and works regularly in a way to provide with best ayurvedic treatment to every kidney patient.

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