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How To Reduce Serum Creatinine Level Naturally? Ayurvedic Treatment – Dr. Puneet Dhawan

Reduce Serum Creatinine Level Naturally
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What is creatinine?

Creatinine is a chemical waste a product in the blood that passes through the kidneys to be filtered and eliminated in the form of urine. The chemical waste is a by-product of the normal functioning of the kidneys. The average or normal level of creatinine level in the blood should be approximately 0.6 to 1.2 mg/dL. Men have more chances of a high creatinine level than women. If the kidneys are damaged and the kidneys are not able to filter the waste effectively, it results in the rise in the serum creatinine level in the blood.

Signs that show high creatinine level

The signs of high creatinine are only visible in the later stages when the disease has advanced to later stages. The most common signs of the disease are:

  • Feeling weakness and stiffness in the body
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Pain in the abdomen, back, and joints
  • Cramps in the muscles
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling in legs, ankles, and hands
  • Change in the color of urine

If the above signs are prevalent in the body for a long time, it can eventually lead to kidney failure. A diagnosis requires a blood-urine test is taken to determine the serum creatinine level in the blood. Once the stage of the disease is identified, an immediate treatment is required.

How to reduce serum creatinine level naturally?

The diet for the people suffering from high creatinine is focused on preserving the normal functions of the kidneys. It is important to take a diet that is low in protein, phosphorus, and sodium. There are certain key points that one must keep in mind while forming a kidney diet:

  • One must limit the protein in the diet as eating more proteins can increase the amount of waste the kidneys need to remove which can lead to making them work harder
  • The sodium and added salts should be limited to the meal as they are bound to increase the blood pressure
  • High potassium foods can result in irregular functioning of the heart
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables like red bell pepper, cabbage, broccoli, apples, blueberries and corn
  • Alcohol, tea, caffeine, and aerated drinks should be excluded from the diet

Ayurvedic treatment for serum creatinine level

Ayurveda has been one of the most successful treatments for reducing serum creatinine level naturally. Ayurveda makes use of natural unrefined herbs like Punarnava, Gokshur, Varun, Shirish, and Shirish. The Ayurvedic medicines are completely made of these herbs and have no side effects, unlike allopathic medicines.

One of the leading centers for Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure is Karma Ayurveda. It provides complete Ayurvedic treatment and herbal medicines for elevated creatinine level. The clinic is headed by one of an eminent Ayurveda practitioner Dr. Puneet Dhawan. He only uses herbal medicines and natural techniques for treating his patients. Karma Ayurveda has created a brand name for itself by curing thousands of kidney patients.

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