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10 Best Home Remedies For Kidney Stones – Dr. Puneet Dhawan.

Best Kidney Stone Home Remedies

Top 10 Home Remedies For Kidney Stones:

If you have ever passed a kidney stone in the past, you might have felt the worst pain, and you want to do anything possible to avoid it in the future. Kidney stones are more common in male than it occurs in the female. Also, there is a great risk that if you had it in the past, the stone strikes again within 15 years if preventive measures are neglected. 10 Best & Common Home Remedies For Kidney Stones“.

Where do kidney stones generate, and how?

Kidney stones develop when substances like oxalate, calcium, uric acid, etc. start to become concentrated and appear as the crystals in the kidneys. The crystals over time grow larger and become like stone.

Around 80% of the kidney stones form because of calcium concentration in the kidneys, and the rest occurs from the uric acid in those with low pH levels. The stones which form in the kidneys can dislodge the ureter and backflow to the urine. When the kidney stone moves along, it causes pain in the areas like flank, stomach, and pain, blood in the urine, vomiting, nausea, etc.

As the stone passes down to the bladder, the symptoms like frequent urination, pressure in the bladder, and pain occur.

Here are the 10 remedies to prevent the risk of kidney stones:

10 Best Kidney Stone Home Remedies

1. Lemon juice and olive oil:

Using lemon juice with olive oil is one of the efficient remedies to dissolve kidney stones. Lemon juice and olive oil have vitamins and minerals in them, which helps during renal calculi, another name for a kidney stone. Olive oil is rich in healthy fatty acids that are considered healthy during this time.

Mix two ounces of olive oil with an equal amount of lemon juice and then drink the whole mixture. Later on, drink a glass of water to get the most result. “10 Best & Common Home Remedies For Kidney Stones”.

2. Pomegranates:

Pomegranates contain large amounts of vitamins for which they are popularly consumed during the kidney stone. The astringing properties of pomegranate may make it easy for you to dissolve renal calculi. You can take it as a fresh juice or add their seeds to salads.  The best way to get seeds from the fruit is by removing them in a bowl of water.

3. Changes in the diet:

If you have a kidney stone, then it is better to change the diet. The food we consume becomes the reason you may develop kidney stones. Fast food, refined, and processed foods can contribute to the formation of kidney stones. So, right away, do one thing, stop consuming soda or sugary drinks and alcohol. Healthy food should be eaten, rich in fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Drink more water to elude the concentration of the calcium and oxalates. “10 Best & Common Home Remedies For Kidney Stones”.

4. Horsetail:

It is suggested that those suffering from kidney stones. Horsetail is an herb that is taken to remove the excess water and to reduce uric acid concentration in the kidneys. If your pH level is low, uric acid will be more in the blood, and drinking up to three to four cups of horsetail per day can be beneficial for you.

5. Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is full of acids and minerals that play a role in the removal of kidney stones. If taken daily, it can prevent the risk of kidney stones in the future. Take two spoons of apple cider vinegar, mix them with water, and take each morning. You will notice a significant improvement in your health as this raises the immunity power.

6. Basil leaves:

The tea made from basil leaves is known to be very effective in relieving pain, balancing fluid, minerals, and regulating the uric acid levels in the body. This remedy can help the kidneys to remove stones from the urinary tract membrane. Mix basil juice with a spoon full of raw honey and consume the mixture until you feel better about the stone. Drink plenty of water afterward but use this remedy after consultation with your Ayurvedic specialist. “10 Best & Common Home Remedies For Kidney Stones”.

7. Dandelion root:

Dandelion root is a tonic that helps in waste elimination, increase urine output, and in the production of bile. Dandelions have vitamins A, B, C, and D as well as iron, zinc, and potassium. You can make fresh dandelion juice by adding orange peel, ginger, and apple, 3 to 4 times a day. Consult your doctor before taking dandelion roots as it may cause unnecessary complications.

8. Wheatgrass juice:

Wheatgrass juice promotes urine production and so helps in the passing of stone.  It also contains vital nutrients that work to detoxify the kidneys. Drink 4 to 6 ounces of wheatgrass per day and start with the smallest quantity and increase gradually. “10 Best & Common Home Remedies For Kidney Stones”.

9. Celery juice:

Celery juice eliminates the waste that contributes to dissolving kidney stone formation. Blend the celery stalks with water and drink it throughout the day. However, be cautious of taking celery leaves when you have any bleeding disorder or low blood pressure.

10. Chanca Piedra:

It is a popular remedy for the treatment of kidney stones. It works by averting the progression of kidney stones and the easy removal of stones if you already have the one. It soothes the intense pain that occurs when the stone moves towards the bladder. But remember to drink plenty of water after it to help pass the stone. “10 Best & Common Home Remedies For Kidney Stones”.

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