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An ideal diet for kidney stone patients!

Diet for kidney stone patients

What is a kidney stone?

Kidney stones are small and hard compositions which are formed in the kidneys. This condition occurs when there comes a decrease in urine or increase in the substances including minerals and salts. These stones can get enlarged if left unresolved and can cause unbearable pain in the stomach and obstruction in the urination. Kidney stones have different varieties as well. So, the diet for kidney stones patients varies as per the type of kidney stone.

There are several types of common stones. These stones include the following:

  •       Calcium oxalate stones
  •       Calcium phosphate stones
  •       Uric acid stones
  •       Cystine stones

 A dietician having specialization in kidney stone prevention can proffer you the best diet as per your stone type in order to prevent them to occur. We are providing below some general diet for kidney stone patients that can help them to prevent kidney stone formation.

  •       Diet tips for Calcium Oxalate Stones patients

Calcium oxalate stone patients may stop or slow down the formation of stones by keeping following diet tips into mind.

In this type of kidney stone, a patient should try to reduce oxalate as a preventive measure. Such patients should avoid the below-listed food in order to reduce the amount of oxalate in the urine.

  • Nut products
  • Rhubard
  • Peanuts
  • Spinach
  • Wheat bran

Limit your sodium intake

In the condition of kidney stones, if you consume more sodium, it can increase the chance of kidney stones formation. The reason is, sodium is a substance that is generally found in packaged, canned and fast foods. For the accurate amount of sodium, you will have to contact a health practitioner.

Consume animal protein intake in a limited amount

If you consume animal protein, it may increase your chances of developing kidney stones. In this phase, your dietician may recommend you to limit eating animal protein such as

  •       Chicken, beef, and pork
  •       Fish and shellfish
  •       Eggs
  •       Dairy products like milk, cheese, etc.

Limiting doesn’t mean, you will have to completely avoid them but you will have to take them in a balanced way. These protein sources can be replaced with natural protein that you can get from beans, dried peas, and lentils which are rich in protein but low in oxalate.

Try to get sufficient calcium mainly from foods

As most of us have a myth that calcium can cause calcium stones to get formed but it’s not true. But, if the calcium is taken in a balanced amount, it may block other substances in the digestive tract that are responsible for kidney stone formation. You can get calcium from cereals, calcium-fortified juices, bread, some vegetables and also from some beans.

  •       Diet tips for Calcium Phosphate Stones patients

 The kidneys stone patients having calcium phosphate stone can follow the diet plan described below.

 Limit sodium intake

As mentioned above, sodium is a part of salt and it increases the chance of developing kidney stones. Hence, you should restrain your daily sodium intake. Sodium is also found in packaged, canned and fast foods so these edibles should be avoided.

Restrain your intake of the animal protein

Consuming animal protein in more than a limited amount may also increase the risk of kidney stones formation. So, you should avoid them and consult a physician who may recommend you to limit consumption of animal protein including;

  •       Eggs
  •       Beef, pork, and chicken; mainly organ meats
  •       Fish and shellfish
  •       Dairy products

You can replace these protein-rich foods with the following healthy protein sources:

  • Legumes including beans, lentils, and peanuts
  • Nuts such as almond, cashews, walnuts, and pistachios Soy products such as soy milk, soy nut butter, and tofu
  • Sunflower seeds

For determining the accurate amount of protein intake, you should talk to a dietician who can provide you the best diet for your kidney stone problem.

  •       Diet tips for Uric Acid Stone patients

Uric Acid stone patients should follow the below-suggested diet.

Limit animal protein

Like, other kidney stones patients, a uric acid stone patient should also consume animal protein in a limited amount. So, he should avoid the following animal foods:

  •       Dairy products
  •       Eggs
  •       Fish and shellfish
  •       Beef, chicken, and pork

On the place of these animal proteins, you should add some healthy protein foods in your diet. You can replace animal protein with the following:

  •       Beans, Dried peas and lentils
  •       Nuts and nut products
  •       Soy products
  •       Sunflower seeds

If you have uric acid stones, losing weight is also very important if you are overweight.

  •       Diet tips for Cystine Stones patients

Cystine stone patients are recommended to follow the below-described diet plan.

Drink sufficient liquid especially water

Cystine Stones patients should keep themselves hydrated throughout the day with water as it can help to prevent the formation of cystine stones.

Apart from the diet plan, a kidney stone patient should also follow some tips that can help him to not getting his kidney stone problem back. Some of the tips a kidney patient should follow are listed below:

Some common health tips for kidney stone patients

 Doesn’t matter what type of kidney stones you are afflicted with, there are some common tips that you should follow. By doing so, you can prevent stones from developing or slow their development process.

  • Drink at least 12 glasses of water daily
  • Drink citrus fruit juices i.e. orange juice
  • Eat calcium-rich food at each meal
  • Consume less salt, added sugar and products containing high fructose corn syrup
  • Avoid foods as well as a drink containing high oxalates and phosphates
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything that supports dehydration i.e. alcohol

By this post, you get to know an ideal diet for kidney stone patients. Following these tips can prove very beneficial for kidney stones patients and can keep them free from the complications of this painful kidney disorder.

Besides, Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment can be very useful in treating this health condition. The ayurvedic treatment works on the root causes of a disease in order to cure it permanently. It utilizes only natural herbs and conventional treatment procedures in order to cure all sorts of health disorders. Being composed of sacred and unrefined herbs, Ayurvedic medications do not leave any kind of after-use adverse effects on your health. Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment is the most promising treatment that helps kidney stones patients to get rid of this health disorder effectively.

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